IoT and the 3 phases of the connected car
Sachin Mahajan, TELUS

The connected car has arrived and with it, M2M solutions that are literally changing the way people and cars interact.

Phase 1 of the connected car started with basic integration between your car and your wireless device, allowing you to play music or get GPS directions on your car stereo, via Bluetooth.

Phase 2 includes technologies that collect and report data like UBI. Thanks to a new Machine-To-Machine (M2M) technology called User Based Insurance (UBI), the insurance company would provide a small device to plug into the diagnostic port of a car. …

Its 2001, Apple is readying up to launch an iconic product & experience revolutionizing the portable music player industry. The product is named unconventionally, as the iPod. Steve Jobs has been intrinsically involved in the design, user experience and even the minutest detail such as the color of the iPod… …


Sachin Mahajan TELUS

Sachin Mahajan is proud family man and a telecom enthusiast and has helped lead strategic programs spanning 4 continents and 7 countries.

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