Meet Sister Aidan Bourke

My decision to join Sacred Heart Monastery wasn’t a difficult decision for me. The Benedictines were my teachers through grade and high school. My father’s sister was an Ursuline Sister and my mother’s brother was a Sacred Heart Brother, so religious life was not foreign to me. I remember when I was in high school praying the Prayer of St. Francis. The part “Make me an instrument of Your peace” was very important to me. I think joining a religious community was in the back of my mind but never really voiced to anyone, including myself.

Sister Aidan Bourke served as prioress of Sacred Heart Monastery from 1981–1989

After graduation, I attended Mount Marty College in Yankton, staffed by the Benedictine Sisters. It was there that I was introduced to several hours of the Office. We students, all girls at that time, said Prime and Compline each day except on the weekends when many of the students went home. I found the liturgy of the Mass very inspiring and I think that is what triggered a desire in me. Several of the Sisters became my good friends and I realize that they too were a great influence on me.

We sisters have studied the Rule of Benedict over the years and have had many spiritual conferences helping us to understand it and apply it to our lives. I love the Prologue to the Rule which beings with the Lord “Listen.” A simple short word but it takes great attention and love to give it life.

I have been happy and content with this Benedictine way in spite of a few things that sidetracked me along the way. I’ve been blessed and I’m grateful to God for all the blessings I have received.

Sister Aidan Bourke



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