Meet Sister Cynthia Binder

My vocation story really started with a visit from two Yankton Benedictine Sisters in a horse drawn buggy who stopped at my grandma’s house in Tabor. This was the early 1920’s and the Benedictines were using a still valid ‘marketing’ ploy by making a personal visit. They convinced Grandma that my mom should come to high school at Mount Marty Academy. Mom liked her days at the academy and remained good friends with many of the sisters all her life. When it came to our schooling, there was no question in our folks’ minds about where we should go: Sacred Heart School in Yankton and Mount Marty High School.

Considering Mom and Dad’s conviction of and loyalty to solid catholic education, how could one not think of the religious life? I can honestly say that I thought about it both in grade school and high school. It was always in the back of my mind.

I have been lucky all these years as a teacher because I could also use my conviction and my loyalty in various forms of education. I have lived my vocation over the years and taught in many different settings: a normal grade school classroom, church basements, church choir lofts, a rectory garage, a maximum security prison, meeting rooms in businesses, and a college lecture hall.

Whatever the setting, whoever the people in that place, nothing hindered me from giving voice to my convictions about how to live life well…in a way to live out the convictions that our folks gave us early in life. I have been blessed so much in my life.

My family, two sisters and two brothers, has always remained close and we get together as much as we can. Years of teaching have been a learning experience for me over and over. Community life is alive and well and gives us all a solid ‘homeplace’ where we take care of each other. I am grateful to God for all these blessings.



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