Meet Sister Delores Rush

“I chose Sacred Heart Monastery because I was taught in high school by the Benedictine Sisters. I stayed at their convent three years because I was a freshman in high school. My sister Mildred graduated and I wanted to stay.

Sister Besto called me to her office and said, “Delores, Did you ever think of being a Benedictine Sister?” I said yes I have but I’m too young. She said we would let you stay at our convent — or you could stay at the convent in Yankton and you would be closer to the school. You would love listening to the Sisters chant the Divine Office and also you would be closer to the High school. I said, “Oh I have to tell my parents.” So she called my mother. Mother said I would love it but she will get lonesome. Sister Besto said,”oh we can settle that.” So mother came to visit with S. Besto.

So that fall I filled out the papers and mother signed it. That’s how I chose Sacred Heart Monastery and I loved it.

My favorite part of Benedictine life is recreation and our Beautiful prayer life. I can’t sing but I love to hear the singing and chanting, mas is also beautiful.

My favorite part of the Rule is how we prepare for Holy Week and the Easter Celebrations. Still, I can’t sing but love to listen.

Living in Community draws me closer to God and to each Sister because the Divine Office & Mass are very Beautiful.

If I could sum it up I’d say, my love for the Divine Office, my Beautiful prayerful Community our fun together and our love for each other.



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