Meet Sister Jane Frances Garcia

God gifted me with good, religious parents who practiced regular prayers at home, went to Mass on Sundays, and celebrated Holy Days in addition to devotions during Advent and Lent. In our family, we had two Sisters who were Mercy nuns, three Aunts who were Benedictine Sisters, and one Aunt who was a Loretto Sister. From an early age, we talked about what we would do when we grew up. For me, this meant either getting married or joining a religious order.

Choosing the Yankton Benedictines was an easy choice for me. I went to school in Gardner, South Dakota and was taught by these Sisters from Yankton. When I was fourteen years old, I talked to Mother Jerome when she visited the Sisters at my school. I told her that I wanted to go to enter the convent. She told me to wait until I was fifteen years old. Going to Yankton Sacred Heart Monastery felt very good. Now I am sure that is where God wanted me.

My favorite part of being a Benedictine is my prayer life. I long for prayer time and without it, I would be lost. The Rule of St. Benedict is very dear to me as well. How I wish I knew it by memory! Being a Benedictine Sister and living in Community gives me reassurance of belonging. It is home sweet home and has a strong family feeling.

We have been blessed with wise women to lead our Community. Besides being wise, they have been holy and God fearing. Living in Community is everything to me.



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