Meet Sister Valerie Cheney

How happy I am to share my story of the gift of religious vocation that I enjoy as a member of the Yankton Benedictines. The mystery of this call started in my family where I learned to pray, to love and be loved, to laugh, and to work together for the good of the family and neighbors. My family was my first experience of church and community.

Having learned all of this, I entered first grade at Immaculate Conception School in Watertown. I am grateful that my parents valued our religious training enough to sacrifice and send us to Catholic school where the teachers taught us about Jesus and Mary and all of the Saints, about life here on Earth and about life hereafter. The Sisters, both the Franciscans in grade school and the Benedictines in high school, inspired me to do what they were doing. For as long as I can remember, I wanted to be a Sister and to teach.

The Yankton Benedictine community was kind enough to accept my application, challenge my intentions, continue my rich religious education, supply opportunities to teach and witness in schools, and celebrate prayer in the Eucharist and the liturgy of the Divine Office and in all facets of daily life.

I thank God, my family, and my friends for the grace of my calling and for the support they have gifted me with to live out that calling. May we all continue to hunger and thirst for holiness and especially now, experience the joy of promises of the One who calls us all to follow Him.



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