Informational interview

This type of activity is quite new for me, I have never made any interview or questioning session with any person since last Sunday.

To complete up my assigned homework regarding to informational interview, I made the list of to whom I know and working in an organization. After this they tried to contact them but most them said that are busy in their routine work and will not be able to give answers to my questions. Simply they apologized me for giving this informational interview.

Suddenly a name came to my mind Naveed Ahmad who is working in the private industry located in Gujranwala(Pakistan).

I texted him requesting him to give me some time regarding a small informational interview. He accepted my request and gave me time on Sunday, so on due day I went to his home and called on him regarding informational interview which was loaded with the following questions.

No doubt this session was new for him but he tried his best to give me satisfied answers.

1. In which organization are you doing job?

2. In HR interview what type of questions did you encounter?

3. How did you come to know this job vacancy?

4. Is the environment provided by organization is learning and developing?

5. In which department of your organization are you working?

6. Do you think your salary is according to your expectations?

7. Do you want to describe your strengths?

8. Can you tell me your weaknesses?

9. After five years where will you see yourself?

10. Can you share an event at that you felt that you are at your best level of career?

At last he suggested me not to try to find q job in industry but try to establish a my own business.

This part of assignment also gave me a large confidence and helped me to enhance and polish my communication skill.

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