Knowing abilities and weaknesses:

The best method to learn about yourself is learn from other persons who know you, to whom with you have played and studies together, to whom with you have eaten together, to whom you have walked together for school, to whom you have travelled together to check the different sites.

To whom with you have made mischiefs in early childhood. Simply the persons who can tell you about your abilities and weak points are your friends and colleagues. They can judge your abilities in better way.

They can tell your abilities strengths and weaknesses to you more accurately than judging yourself.

Simply I also tried to judge my strengths and weak points through my friends. In this regard I made the list of my besties and contacted them through email to write something about me.

Some of them replied in a very funny manner and some of them took it seriously and try to judge to me in suitable manner and wrote down about my abilities and weaknesses.

Some of mine abilities which are told by them are as, I am hard worker, motivated, initiator to start a wok, helpful to others, team worker.

By knowing this I was really not shocked because I think I have these all in myself. But when I came to know weaknesses, I was really shocked because someone has written that I am stubborn because you name is saddam, and saddam means to compete strongly( dat kr muabla krna). I was shocked by knowing this. Remaining my weaknesses were not shocking to me.