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Doctor, I am Fat! 🙄😪 – Part I of II

‘Talking of losing weight, the first place to start is by losing the garbage in our minds, then the fat in our bellies would follow, hopefully 🤔’

Sasha was going through the change and she could feel her body feeling more and more sluggish. She was feeling heavier, but too frightened to check her weight on the scale. Her metabolism was getting slower and slower, despite exercising, albeit, grudgingly. She lost her appetite for a lot of foods and was eating less and less. This made matters worse, because her body locked in every morsel of food she ate – oh la la 😮

Because Sasha is tall with skinny limbs, She was able to get away with her weight gain, without looking over-weight, but not for much longer.

A dear friend of hers who loves making clothes offered to make her a dress. She took the measurements for Sasha’s bust, waistline and hips – Boy, it was off the charts, or off the tape-rule, for a better description. ‘Lucky you’, she said, ‘No one would realise you are hiding so much fat under there’, she laughed. Though funny, they were both worried about Sasha’s metrics.

Since everything Sasha tried didn’t work, she decided to go to see her Doctor. She was called in for her appointment. She knocked, said hello to the Doctor who said ‘hello’ back and asked her to sit down, without looking up from his screen.

‘How can I help you, today?’ he asked, still looking down at his screen. ‘I’m fat’, Sasha responded. He jerked his head up to look at her, looked perplexed, tried to stifle a laugh, tried to act professional, looked at her amused face, couldn’t contain his amusement much longer and just burst out laughing. Sasha started to laugh too.

The Doctor was shocked about Sasha’s outright declaration of being ‘fat’. No Patient had ever come in to tell him they were fat, as their medical problem.

He turned professional and asked about Sasha’s health etc. He took her weight, her height and other measurements. Result: ‘You are not obese, only borderline overweight’, he told Sasha. ‘I can’t give you any medication, unless you are medically obese’, he said. He advised Sasha to keep exercising and eat healthily.

Sasha was pleased she got the worry of being fat off her chest and decided on a concrete plan of action to shed the blasted weight.

Her mission – HEAT!!!!!

To be continued…..

Sasha’s Chronicles

Written by

Sadé Tolani is a Solopreneur who loves to travel and aims to visit all the countries in the world. So far, she has made it to over fifty countries.

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