Brother KAMAU — A Soul that Transcends Music

As I write this I’m listening to Kamau’s most recent video release for Pohlease.

The pain and affection in this song, honors the loss that many of us have felt for our Black brothers and SISTERS over these last two years.

Kamau describes the song as being

“about presence. 
About human life that is stolen, because of the way it looks…
about God being spit on, 
by fear, 
and prejudice, 
and racism”

This raw and honest piece is therapy, for those who need to hear it.

In a time when so many black people need to affirm the value of their own lives, Kamau validates our frustration. Giving words to those who couldn’t defend their own humanity before losing it at the hands of police.

“Who do you call?
When you’re food for the law
When you’re Garner and the concrete
Is intruding your jaw”

These words reign heavy and relevant only two weeks after the killing of Korryn Gaines. Who do we call when WE feel threatened, at the hands of those who are to protect us? Why are we expected to be compliant, to be calm, or even sane after repeatedly seeing our own image shot dead on camera, week after week?

Watching Kamau in this video is like watching our own minds, struggling to comprehend brutality in its realness. What we see is not a performance, but a vocal articulation of grief. Any person who gets the chance to feel Kamau live, will be inspired by both the outrage and strength of his spirit.

We’ve heard great songs before, but what we’re hearing from Kamau isn’t just sound, beats, or words in tempo. It’s a depth of feeling; a heavy presence emerging from his unique voice, scat, and vocal imagination.

A mastermind of lyrical range, orbiting spectrums of sound, rhythmic dimension and vibrant noise. The freeness of his poetry, exposes Kamau as the prolific spirit and visionary that he is.

…What we’re feeling when he sings — is his soul.

Hearing Kamau’s music is an experience, once you feel it, you can’t deny it. It calls for reflection, movement and an open chest. What makes it so satisfying is the feeling that it gives us — one that comes from a sense of connection with the human expressing it.

is a reminder to us all, 
that we are here to fulfill ONE Destiny; to live a life that is rooted in LOVE.

So with the current state of war in this country, be sure to protect your bodies and to protect your energy. Affirm Yourself and Uplift Each Other in love.

And in the words of Kamau, Yebo!

*Sadé Shakur