Nothing , dont’t read it

This is a place for telling your story ha ?, ok i’m gonna tell something to waste my time .first of all i’m not good at writing . sorry

a few months ago my friends and i wanted to start a job . there was some idea , promis and … .

we are designer , developer , i’m working at .

the cmses were drupal and joomla . the question is ?

which one of these are good for our work . which one is faster ? which one is more powerfull ?

our customers want a site in a week with like 1 million toman .

this is bullshit !!! by the way i’m a drupaler . ☺

i can’t create a site builder with drupal , but there are lots of sample template for joomla to create a website with .

this is like a bad word for me , let’s create this website with joomla .

heyy drupal is better than your shit . why am i here ? i’m here to sit and see your joomla words ??? !!!

go fuck yourself .

i just wanna do something good in the whole world . being as a freelancer is really hard , because it might be good for one week and bad for a month .

for those who want to know how the image pic relate to my words , i can tell you that , friends tv show was great and i love it .

thats’ it .

sry again

ah do the same shit ☺

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