I Found My Specialty

For the last week or so, I’ve taken some time to find out what field of photography I specialize in and what I enjoy capturing more than anything else. I stayed up a few extra hours, made a bunch of lists, did a ton of research and carefully defined each field that I was interested in to find one that I could call my Specialty.

I started out by making a list of all the fields of photography that I am interested in. This list included Landscape/Nature, Sport, Portrait, Architectural, Wedding, School, Car/Automotive, and finally street photography. I made a table for each field with three sections: 1. Personal Fulfillment 2. Value to the Market and 3. Profit. Then I rate each part out of ten, add them up and compare the score of each field. By the way, I didn’t come up with this table and format I got it from a book I’m reading. the title for that will be at the bottom of this blog. Anyway, before I did that, I spent some time researching each field to make sure my marks were both fair and accurate.

Long story short I immediately crossed out school photography because even though it came with lots of profit, I would need so much more equipment and a crew and I don’t have enough resources to get that started. Also, personal fulfillment and value to the market aren’t that high either. Wedding photography is also very profitable and the value is pretty decent but personal fulfillment was not all there. I had to say no to nature photography even though personal fulfillment is at a ten because I live in the city and I rarely get a chance to go outside of it. Car, sport and street photography are all very high when it comes to personal fulfillment, however, the value is pretty low. Portraits were interesting at first but later through research, I found it to be a little boring in my opinion. And if you’ve been doing the math, that only leaves architectural photography. I was skeptical at first because the value to the market and profit aren’t that great but personal fulfillment is at a ten! I love taking pictures of architecture! I mean just look at my Instagram, it’s like 90% architectural shots. After all that time of researching and list making, the answer was right under my nose the whole time… literally. I just had to look at my own Instagram.

Of course, I do plan on expanding my specialties to include nature and street photography. Maybe even car photography if I get the chance. You may be thinking “Well how about sport photography? you said that the level of personal fulfillment was really high for that too.” Well yeah, but there was something that I found out while doing research on it that may have been a deal breaker. I would love to go into detail but this blog is starting to drag on so I might have to save it for another blog.

Citation: “The 1-Page Marketing Plan:…” by Allan Dib