5 Major Factors To Be Successful

According to Google, the accomplishment of an aim or purpose is called success. Firstly, It would be important to tell that success is to attain mental satisfaction with your goal and life. When you are glad of what you’ve achieved with your work and regard your life as a blessing, it is called real success. 
If anyone wants to be successful in his life, that person should be a conqueror of his dreams. Many dreams are useless and unrealized, but to be in the path of success you have to identify of your creative dream.
Success is dependent on these five major factors:


The most basic step in the path of distinction is your ambition. Everything is done with a purpose, so if you don’t have any concrete aim, you can’t perform anything. You have to think of what to achieve and what pushes yourself to achieve it.

“No wind favors him who has no destined port”


Nothing in this world is done without any plan. Whether you’ve short or long term plans, they will eventually come into work. A set of actions that have been thought of as a way to achieve something is called plan. You have to decide every step in the way to success. Your plan is the integral component of aim, so if you don’t have any plan, you’ll be like a feeble wall which can be easily be ruined by a gentle blow of wind.

Hard Work:

Dreams don’t work unless you do. Hard work is the key to success. Passing a semester also wants hard work. Some do hard work while some of the others prefers to be smart in their work.

“Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out”

Everything requires some work. Whether you’re working smart or hard, it depends on how much effort you are capable to imply to achieve your goal.

Hope and Expectation:

Hope is to think optimistically, that things would proceed easily and would be beneficial. We always hope for something better, it’s a kind of prediction, a kind which is always in our favor. Expectation is the emergence of our indefinite efforts, the efforts we have put in to achieve our main ambition. I think hoping is the best way to relieve, because choosing yourself an optimist always feels healthy.


Chance and luck of a person decides whether he is successful or a flop. He himself is responsible in conquering everything. Determination is the continuous struggle for something in order to achieve it. A person should always be determined because determination makes opportunity which later leads to success.

You can make your own luck but chance is random. You have to quench every chance life gives and hope you’re lucky too.

“Every dog has his day”
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