Having A Crush

Having a crush is a universal truth. We can’t avoid this feeling for someone, we are indulging to. Building of interest for someone is sometime a long and sometime a sudden activity. The feeling for the crush is really special and sometimes. its really annoying.

It feels so fine. Its basically your subconscious mind that feels so, and desires so. In fact, desiring is not bad, we should desire, but for the best.

We just want to be with that person all the time (but cant be with, a moment). This cannot be denied, as most of us think to stay for long time period with that special one.

There is definitely a built affection for the loved one. The beautiful smile, magnificent talk, willingness to see, shying expression, kind sight and pleasant approach makes you to think more for that inspiring (evil) person, crush.

Sometimes, we establish some fictional tactics to express that all, but wait, that’s all fiction and rather foolish. Just thinking about the crush is the most enjoyable feeling, you will ever experience in your life. But its also sometimes terrifying.

I think, the crush controls our subconscious mind, and let us always think. She guides our mind that what to think and what not to.

May be a control center.

Thinking about her while sleeping, eating, bathing, walking, drinking, solving paper, reading, teaching, and even during writing are clear indication of loving someone. It makes people insomniac. That’s the madness all of us suffer, and suffer greatly.

In last, I just want to ask, while reading this, was there a specific person on your mind?

Written By: Muhammad Sadiq Ul Islam

Originally posted in https://bloggersrepublic1.blogspot.com