Hurt “The Heart”

Hurting someone from deep inside is the best way of killing his soul temporarily. You feel this heat whenever you take another’s arrogant behaviour personally. This situation is often marked with damaged and distressed heart. The person suffers pain, but it develops a sensation of absorbing unusual attitude. No one is worth of this silent brutal murder.

It creates an unloving indulgence towards ourselves and others. That particular time period can turn you mad, with some explicit thinking and some feelings of hate too. You’ll be of the idea that your feelings needed to be hurt and refer your attitude towards yourself unconvincing. If you’ll treat yourself calmly, then everything would be brilliant.

After sometime, when you will realise the casualty which happened to you, you will start to live. Your understanding with yourself will make you struggle. You’ll be toward right track, kindness and emotional power. It doesn’t means you should stop, try, but with more effort and exploit. It will make your heart heal and feel less damaged.

In last, I would say that don’t be emotional at nothing at all. One shouldn’t feel this way. Explore the positive side of this never ending phenomena. Always be an optimist and “Love the heart that hurts you, but never hurt the heart that loves you”.

Written By: Muhammad Sadiq Ul Islam

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