Nutty Friend

Meeting friends is great, as you accomplish some sarcastic and weird things. Being with friends is typically nice, until you don’t talk about some arrogant people. So in between friends, there will be a nut, whom you call your best friend. A nut, sounds similar to best friend. A nut is a person who knows all your secrets, especially the special one. He may always be a one for whom you do some virtual things, means crazy things.

A nut is probably a human who always try to make you happy. May be, a person, you use to spend with more time than anyone, even sometimes neglecting some of your family members! This nut always supports you and takes care of your passion and sensibility. He rather pushes you positively into something which is unreal and happening around you. Instead, he is the only character you want in your whole life!

Now, being yourself as a nut is also damn too adventurous. I found this excellently pleasant and nice. I consider him a precious jewel of my life. I never lied to my best friend and will never, and if i do try, he will detect it. I think, I am also a good nut toward my nut too.

“ A hedge between keeps friendship green.” German Proverb

In last, just one thing more I should add that a nut should always be of same gender. Its weird but true. Take this as a generous suggestion only.