Cashaa — The Future of Blockchain in Payments

In the last few years, you may have heard a lot of buzz words revolving around cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. With all the glitz and glamour of Bitcoin in mainstream media, we know that blockchain tech is the future, but exactly how does it make our life any better?

Everyday, new ICO companies strive to disrupt their respective industries by becoming a decentralized internet, supercomputer or even a decentralized VR space. However, in this race to become the next unicorn blockchain company, it really comes down to two things: real-life application and adoption.

Both of which, Cashaa already has.

Overview — Cashaa

Cashaa boldly states on its website that they are the “next-generation banking platform for the next billion.” To break it down, Cashaa is a peer-to-peer payments platform built on the blockchain for both cryptocurrency and fiat.

The team believes with their innovative payments platform, they’ll be able to eliminate any financial barriers that prevent the billions of unbanked or underbanked individuals from the benefits of modern financial services. This is not to say that Cashaa won’t be useful to those that are banked, but the benefits are more obvious to those who aren’t as fortunate.

How it Works?

Cashaa is essentially a platform that matches cash senders and cryptocurrency traders, depending on the request. You can kind of think of it as an automated marketplace for the forex and cryptocurrency market.

Let’s take a look at a very realistic scenario. You are in the United States and you’re trying to send money to your family in the Philippines, however your family is underbanked and do not have access to services like bank wires.

You open up the Cashaa platform and you initiate a request to trade your USD to PHP (Philippine Pesos) and send it to your family.

Step 1: Cashaa Platform finds a person that wants to liquidate their Bitcoin into USD. The platform automatically executes the trade of your USD for the Bitcoin.

Step 2: Cashaa then finds someone in the Philippines that wants to buy your Bitcoin and pay for it in PHP. This trade also automatically executes through Cashaa.

Step 3: The PHP you receive from the last trade is sent to your intended destination.

Application / Idea


If fully adopted, what Cashaa is able to achieve is HUGE. It will without a doubt be a game-changer given proper execution. According to Cashaa, there is roughly 2.5 billion people unbanked and an additional 1 billion underbanked. That’s almost HALF of the world’s 7.5 billion population. With 45% of the world unbanked/underbanked, it creates a problem for transferring money across international borders.

The reason why I scored Cashaa so high in this section is because it solves a real, serious problem in this world. People send large sums of money all over the world everyday, with or without banks. This is called the remittance industry, which is estimated to be a $600 billion dollar industry.

The problem for those without banks is that they have to pay an unreasonably high fee to transfer money. Fees can range from 6% to over 12%! For example, if you wanted to send $1000 from the U.S. to Africa, it’ll cost you an alarming $124 to do it. That’s 12.4% of your money going towards fees.

This is why Cashaa is striving to become an innovative cross-border platform and solution to serve the entire global population. Instead of paying ridiculous fees and waiting for your transfer to go through, Cashaa will do it for a flat fee of $1 USD in a fraction of the time.



Cashaa may have one of the most complete teams I have ever seen in the blockchain industry. A wise businessman once told me: ideas are cheap, you can get them everywhere. Execution is everything.

This is why I emphasize a lot on the teams of all these new ICO companies popping up. Sure, a company can have the best idea ever. But what’s the point if the team isn’t experienced or skilled enough to execute the idea? I believe the Cashaa team is highly capable.

Not only does Cashaa have a great core team & cast of advisors, but it‘s also stacked with superstars. Although the whole Cashaa Team is legitimate, here are some superstar individuals in my opinion.

Kumar Gaurav— CEO and Founder of Cashaa, Gaurav has experience in running start-ups. In fact, his previously founded company Darwinsurance, was acquired by Esedra. Being the Chairman of the Auxesis Group, Gaurav is regarded as a Top 100 Blockchain Influencer according to Richtopia. Plus he’s received Extraordinary Status (O-1 Visa) from the U.S. government for being “extraordinary” in blockchain expertise.

Celestine Vettical— Chairman and Cofounder of Cashaa, Vettical has held highly impressive titles, such as: Worldwide Director at Microsoft, VP at Baker Hughes, VP at Cognizant & SVP of SAP. As for start-up experience, he founded Performix, which was acquired by Baker Hughes (a GE company).

Dominic Melo — Chief Payments Office of Cashaa, Melo has been quoted by Forbes Magazine as “Mr. Payments.” He owns several E-money institutions across Europe and is an advisor to the Japanese powerhouse — JCB Global.

Janina Lowisz— Cofounder and VP Marketing at Cashaa, Lowisz is also listed on Richtopia’s Top 100 Blockchain Influencers list. She is the founder of Bitnation and speaks internationally on this nascent blockchain technology.

Superstar Advisors:

Bernard Lietaer— Author of “The Future of Money” and the architect behind the Euro.

Anil Earla — Head of Information & Data Analytics at VISA.

Tim Campbell — The winner of “The Apprentice.”

Richard Kastelein — The founder and publisher of Blockchain News.

Winston Gilpin — The CFO and Executive Manager of Mercury Fund.

Dinesh Presad — Head of Sales at Qualcomm India & South Asia.

Rajesh Dhuddu — Senior Vice President at Quatrro Global Services

Colum Rafferty— Managing Director at Aventi Technologies.



*Hype rating as of Oct 18, 2017. This may change.

At the time of writing this review, the current social outlet following for Cashaa are:

  • Telegram — 400 Members
  • Twitter — 5,024 Followers
  • Facebook — 4,012 Likes
  • Discord — unknown
  • YouTube — 82 Subscribers
  • Reddit — n/a

These numbers don’t seem really scream hype. It’s decent, but i’ve seen some ICO companies with some serious following (e.g. Kyber Network’s 30,000+ member slack). In addition, I couldn’t find many fan-made posts on Reddit, ICO rating blogs, YouTube, etc. Usually, this is a serious sign of lack of hype.

But yes, I realize that this company hasn’t even started their pre-sale yet, let alone the ICO. I think it’s normal for an ICO company in such an early stage to be “low key.”

It wasn’t until I stumbled upon Richtopia’s list of Top 100 Blockchain Companies. Sitting at position #51 was Cashaa. It kind of shocked me that this company that hasn’t even had their pre-sale was already on this list. Cashaa sat ahead of notable companies like: STOX, Factom, BitGo, Digix, IOTA and many more.

Digging deeper, i realized just how long Cashaa has been in the works for. In over a year, they’ve created quite some buzz in the blockchain industry. They’ve been covered by media giants like CoinTelegraph,, Nasdaq,, Business Standard and many more.

It hit me that there actually is a lot of hype for Cashaa among those that actually work in the blockchain/fintech industry, just not to most normal crypto enthusiasts (yet). This can and probably will change in the next month.

Token Utility


The CAS token is built as an EIP-20 (former ERC-20) token on the Ethereum blockchain. CAS is a utility token with some interesting functionalities. There are two main functions for the tokens: fueling the internal mechanism of the Cashaa ecosystem & the governance component of the Cashaa system.

Membership — CAS tokens are required to use the Cashaa Platform. Each Cashaa wallet will need a predefined amount of CAS, and cannot work without the minimum.

Having and accumulating more CAS tokens will provide users with extra benefits such as:

  1. Higher Forex (FX)Transfers
  2. 2X ATM allowance
  3. Express Delivery for Cashaa Card
  4. Free Overseas Medical Insurance — Get medical treatment while abroad with expenses paid into your Cashaa account in case of any mishaps.
  5. Early Adopter Awards and Beta Access
  6. Microfinance & Credit Score — CAS token holders will be able to access instant loans at low interest rates compared to non token holders, and will also be able to give loans.
  7. Governance Mechanism — CAS stakeholders can also vote on requests to update Cashaa token contracts which hold the vesting period of company tokens. Each user’s voting depends on the proportion of owned CAS token compared to the available tokens in market

There will be a circulating supply of 501,000,000 CAS Tokens if the pre-sale/ICO is 100% raised. The unclaimed tokens will be burned. Total supply of tokens is 1 Billion if fully raised.

The circulating and total supply of tokens is a little bit more than I would like when debating whether to invest in an ICO company. I wish they set up the utility of the tokens in a way that burns at least a small % of their tokens every time it gets used. This would protect people’s investment and naturally promote appreciation due to increasing scarcity. However, the white paperdoes mention that stakeholders can vote on how much % of the CAS tokens to burn.

How CAS Tokens Can Increase in Value

First of all, CAS tokens are required to even use the platform. By accumulating more CAS tokens, you unlock different premium services offered on the platform (see list above). This already gives an initial demand for CAS. But what happens after you’ve accumulated enough CAS to unlock all the premium services? When I asked Cashaa CEO Kumar Gaurav, he told me that the requirements for membership and premium services will continue to go up as the platform keeps growing.

You’ll also need CAS to initiate the smart contract for trading. When you initiate a request, the platform will need to find buyers and sellers to complete your transaction. Both the buyers and sellers will need to put 100% and 10% into an escrow wallet, respectively.

By replacing the buyer escrow with CAS tokens, it will allow for multi cryptocurrency exchanges by removing the dependency on the crypto which the traders respectively decided to trade. Because of this mechanism, this will allow traders to buy and sell virtually any cryptocurrency and will boost supply of coins in countries where exchanges do not support them.

What this means is that a large sum of CAS tokens will be locked up to initiate these smart contract trades, making them even more rare, thus valuable.

Eventually Cashaa wants to offer p2p loans. CAS token holders will be able to have access to much lower interest than those without tokens. In addition, the larger stake you hold of CAS, the better loan conditions you’ll get.



The average score for Cashaa is 8.75, making it a strong buy. The section I scored them the lowest was in Hype. It’s still early for them and I have a feeling as we get closer to the ICO, the hype will pick up. So, i’m not too worried.

Cashaa scored 9+ in all the other sections for me, so even if the hype is not up to par come ICO, it won’t affect me much as i’m a long term holder. They have too good of an idea and team for me to not participate in the ICO/pre-sale. Throw in the fact that they have a working/proven product and it becomes a near-surefire winner.

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