12 easy ways to Pay it Forward today!

  1. Let someone with only a few items jump in front of you at the super market.
  2. Pay for the person in line behind you (e.g. on the bus, at a cafe, driving through a toll booth)
  3. Clean out all your old clothes and take it down to your local charity shop.
  4. Share your umbrella with a stranger on a rainy day.
  5. Next time you see someone in need of help whether they are looking lost and in need of directions or pulled over with a flat tire stop and ask how you can help.
  6. Bake a cake, cookies, brownies for a neighbour or colleagues.
  7. Pick up a piece of litter on your way to work, school or just when taking your dog for a walk. If you want to make more of an impact organise a get together to cleanup a park or some other public area.
  8. Do Good and Get Fit! Join Good Gym at www.goodgym.org and combine exercise with helping out in the community.
  9. Empower entrepreneurs in the developing world by investing in them with a Kiva Loan at www.kiva.org
  10. If the opportunity presents itself where you see a buy 1 get 1 free deal on a meal give the free meal to a homeless person. e.g. Dominos does a ‘Two for Tuesdays’ deal which could be your next opportunity!
  11. Become a helpfulpeep! Join the community and ask for help whenever you want; help others whenever you can at www.helpfulpeeps.com
  12. The next time someone wants to repay you for something, ask them to Pay it Forward.