How to cope when the heat is on

In typical British fashion, conversations throughout July mainly centred around the heatwave. Everyone was looking for ways to cool down and escape the heat. I’m currently in Dubai so will be doing a lot of this! In a way, we do this daily by trying to handle every day pressures. How do you stay cool when the heat is on you?

Turn stress into an advantage

Turn a stressful situation into a positive by channelling all that energy into finding a solution. Stress in small doses can be useful in giving you an energy boost and motivating you to perform well. We often have no control over facing stressful situations — they are an inevitable part of our working and personal life. However, we do have control over the way we think about stress. Trying to think about it as a motivator rather than a hindrance can help focus your mind when the pressure is on.

Take five

When you’re really busy and facing deadlines, taking a break is often the last thing on your mind. When you’ve got thousands of words to write in a very short space of time, for example, going for a walk to clear your head or grabbing a drink seems far too time-consuming. In reality, it’ll likely save you time in the long run. Taking some time out to recharge yourself and refocus your mind will help increase your productivity once you get your head back into whatever you’re working on. Trying to get everything done is one sitting is likely to lead to mistakes.

Understand how you cope under pressure

If you thrive under pressure, that’s great. If you don’t, don’t be too hard on yourself. Everyone reacts differently to stressful situations, but as I explained earlier we can all find our own coping mechanisms. Understand your trigger points for stress. How did you last react when faced with a stressful situation? What helped? What made it worse? By taking note of the way we deal with certain situations, we will be better informed on how to handle similar scenarios in future.

Stick to good habits

One of the best ways to stay on top on things when the pressure is on is to ensure you stick to the systems and processes that have made your business the success it is. When things get too much, it can be easy to panic and forget the detail. This, of course, only provides you with further problems down the line. A great way of managing the inevitable pressure you’ll face when working on a big project is to create a Gantt chart. By using this project management tool, you can ensure you don’t miss anything out, no matter how small. It will also help you to prioritise and be clear on when you, and other team members involved, are doing what.

Do you have any methods for coping under pressure? As always, I welcome your comments below or tweets at @SafarazAli. I hope everyone enjoys some more warm weather — I know I will be!

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