How Medium’s Optimizers Doomed Writers
Pablo Andreu

Great story. As I read (not scanned) your article, I enjoyed the references and rants. Interesting, your comment on Time, and its irrelevance, was spot on. I grew up with magazines, but Time wasn’t on my reading list. National Geographic, Popular Electronics, and various long defunt gaming and computer magazines (I’m talking for the C64 and Amiga, not PC) were my staple. Time was, much like Sports Illustrated, one you purchased once a year. I would argue it was over when they named the Computer the person of the year (seriously?), but your example still resonated.

I too look forward to Medium’s changes. Their algorithims make it hard to find interesting, original articles. Sometimes I just want to see what’s been posted recently which seems difficult if not impossible at times. I also wish they summarized articles instead of just using click bait titles. To be honest, I tend to fall back to RSS readers for my daily fix. Here’s to a hopeful future.