Common mistakes made by process servers

There are some common mistakes that Claimant’s often make when it comes down to the service of papers more specifically telling the Respondent that they should expect the papers. This of course means that the Respondent prepares well to avoid being served.

The Respondent will do anything to remain undetected for example, not answering the door or hiding themselves away for weeks on end until they think they are safe from the process server, who will eventually come knocking on their door. Respondent’s do not always realise that a good process server will be one step ahead of them and are very discreet. We do not usually appear dressed in a clown’s outfit to attract attention to ourselves!

A few points of consideration that would ease the process of getting a Respondent served are as follows:

  • A Claimant should never warn a Respondent of a process server visit or shout it from the rooftops.
  • It’s best not to share your intentions of using a process server with third parties. Remember, some people have the innate urge to share everything they know with others which increases the chances of the Respondent being alerted.
  • Unless you can prove that the Respondent has been personally served or that they are intentionally avoiding service, the Court’s may not be satisfied that the Respondent has been served.

The art of being discreet will maximise your chances of successfully serving the Respondent and causing unnecessary delay to the proceedings.

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