Purposely chose this photo. Heh.


This girl right here. Has been one of the best things that happened in my 2018. Im too early to type about my year but id like to type about this lady right here. At first we had nothing to do with each other and the only person that had connection to us was my junior in adc. I cant believe after 2 years of seeing each other in school, we are together and loving each other strongly.

I have went through a lot of failed dates and relationships but nothing is compared to this one now. As cliché as it sounds, i really think this is the one. The one i am willing to make time for, to spend a few cash for, the one who has taught me to be more fierce, the one who brought out the best in me to bring out the best in her. There are sooo many more reasons. She wipes my mouth when theres leftover food on me, she rubs my head HARD when i had a headache, she tells me that my day will get better, she gets angry when people are rude to me and the lists goes on and on.

I cant help but to say that i am truly blessed for all that she has done and sacrificed for me. The countless nagging, reminders, motivation, care and love she has splurge onto me. Sometimes it gets overwhelming but i am sooo happy that she does all this because if she had stopped, it would have felt like my world is inbalanced and not the same.

I want to thank you Alisha. For all youve done for me. For being patient, forgiving, kind, supportive, positive and ever so caring.

This is the mark for being together with you for 6 months and i cant wait to be with you for many more years to come. May Allah guide us well and may He bring us closer to Him in the future to InshaAllah Jannah among the ones He love ever so dearly. May we continue to guide each other, teach one another, grow together and live in prosper with what the world has to offer.

May you continue to seek for me when you want to rant, when bad news fall upon you, when good news come knocking on your door, when you miss me, when you need my hugs, when you wake up dreaming of me, when you feel like you need a shoulder to cry on, when you need some reassurance, when you feel like giving up, when you think you have no one else…ill come running to you. To aid you in every single possible way i can.

I love you so much. Only Allah knows how much i do. May the next few years of being together be a new eye opener for us. Continue to hold my hand as i lead you into the invisible path Allah has laid out for us. Let me be the one you look for and InshaAllah let me lead you all the way.

Youre the space i go to when the world gets too noisy. I love you Alisha.

I love you so much. ♥️