My 2017

So here I am nestled in my bed. It is 9.50pm and maybe by the time I finish typing this post, I will be able to fall asleep with enough rest to make shepherd’s pie tomorrow.

It has been ages since i wrote. Many drafts, countless attempts but never one posted up. I have not felt the urge to type, to publish something on my medium account lately. Im just glad finally today i had the motivation to do so. So here goes.

2017. A year of many personal discoveries and countless of struggles trying to stay above water. It is the year that i finally graduated from Poly. I have finally reached that milestone. I am really darn happy that i have completed all my modules and finished intern like as planned for the year. 3 and a half years in poly is very much enough for me and good god i am done. I dont think i should go into detail for my poly days because i feel like its a boring topic to talk about in this post so, yes! Ive graduated. Thats that!

Ive been hurt, lied, neglected, lost and many more. All this negativity has occured to me during the times when i was prepared and during the times when it was not anticipated. I have done many bad deeds, neglected my friends, hurt my family, condescend many. Firstly, id like to apologise for all ive done that have wronged and all ive done that have caused great heartache. I never intended to, and if i did for whatever reason please please please, forgive me. I am not perfect. I am not God’s sent. I am sorry.

Ive also been given opportunities, rewarded with compliments, felt warmth from friends and family, felt proud and honoured to be at events and gatherings, to be mentored by many and to teach all i could, to share experiences, to listen to stories that are beyond imaginations and so many more. I have done my best to be there for those that need me. For those that holds parties for their birthdays. For those that celebrates their milestones like graduation, getting hitched, breaking personal bests and many more.

I would like to say thank you. Thank you for letting me be a part of your special day. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to witness your growth, progression and greatest achievements.

I have not been given such opportunities to have people be there for me when i achieved a milestone because honestly, i have not done much this year. Only studied and worked. Im jealous but i know ill have my moment. I am proud nonetheless to be that person that adds up to the special group of people my friends hold dear to and care for.

My progression and self realisation of my abilities blossomed right after my birthday. Thats where it kickstarted my drive to work. I started working at Chulop while interning at FlexLink Engineers. Those 3 months were the hardest months i had to pull through for the year. I still could squeeze in rock climbing trainings and still improve in that. That was when i realise i was behind the wheel with full control of everything. I realised that having my days planned out with work, meet ups, training and alone time has helped me improve myself at a much effective rate than when i am unemployed and just training. Though money has always been a huge factor in my “worrying thoughts”, this year i realise that i did not worry much for it. I am contented with myself and will continue to keep saving and spend less.

I just want to say that I thank everyone who is reading this post and to say, 2017 has been great to me. It has taught me a lot. Ive shed blood sweat and tears. But never have i ever regretted meeting everyone one of you. Experiencing many emotions, adventures and heartfelt moments with you. Everyone has played a part in MY 2017. It was worth it.

So 2018. Youve come. Youve arrived. Many has wished you would be another great year full of discoveries. I do pray it will be better. But if it is not, then i pray we all could endure it through. Because every dark cloud has a silver lining. With hardship comes ease and with efforts, youll see the sun again. Im ready. We are ready. 2018 here we come.

“The noblest art is that of making others happy” – PT Barnum

I saw this quote and i thought id share it here. I wish you all the best my friends. Good luck and may we cross paths again!

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