Is Cymbalta the best available medicine in treatment of Fibromyalgia?

This question has been asked lot of times. We all know that Duloxetine is one of the better available pills for treating mental issues including depression, anxiety disorders, suicidal thoughts etc. But here we are focusing on a lesser talked aspect of Cymbalta properties. It is its efficacy in treating the disorder of Fibromyalgia.

So let’s talk about fibromyalgia.

What exactly is fibromyalgia syndrome? It is nothing but prevalent aching of the body parts at tender points. Basically a type of muscle pain, it can be really very chronic and it is also known as soft pain. It’s not an out-and-out muscle pain, which can be treated with painkillers. It is related with much deeper issues on a psychological level. Insomnia, fatigue, weariness, headaches, depressed moods, are all the consequences of having acute fibromyalgia.

There have been lot of studies going over the exact cause of fibro but there hasn’t been much success. Fibromyalgia, as of now remains a mysterious ailment whose cure can only be hypothesized. However, many claim to treat fibro with duloxetine meds.

We have this amazing answer from a Quora user, Kerry Hamlett Fountain,

Who was Diagnosed in 2010, campaigned in 2011 and breathing a very frenzied full life without medications.

“As the source for fibromyalgia hasn’t been proven yet, an antidote isn’t conceivable now. Perhaps in the future there will be. I have purchased duloxetine for sale online from one of the online pharmacy stores and I was not surprised when it treated my depression issues. But fibro treatment is much more complex than it is thought.

As most of the doctors would recommend, one has to discover what drug or procedure works for them. For each single subject, there exists a different cure. I have known many people who have good experiences with medicine. Even I had once opted to Buy Cymbalta (Duloxetine) online without prescription for testing the drug for fibro. But as I said, for me it worked amazingly on depression treatment but hardly had any effect on treating fibromyalgia.

But there is one thing exceptional about the drug. It didn’t make my fibro worse like all other drugs which I had consumed for this treatment process. I had also used chiropractor for treating my fibromyalgia issues. Yes, that worked for me.

On a personal note, I would say that if buy Duloxetine from online pharmacy for treating depression and generalized anxiety disorder, then it’s a very good drug. But if you have any high hopes for fibromyalgia treatment, my experience wasn’t very convincing with it.

I would say it again, this is only my experience with the drug. I have known many friends opting to order Duloxetine free shipping. Believe me, meds have worked for their fibro beautifully. So it’s a subjective experience for everybody.”

Now that pretty much answers the question. Honest review, isn’t it? It’s for you to decide if you want to opt for duloxetine for fibro treatment.

The article starts with the question “Is Cymbalta the best medicine for fibromyalgia treatment?” We have a user who had knowledge on the subject and we have received an amazing answer. He gave an in-the-face answer — use duloxetine for depression and anxiety, but for fibromyalgia, its efficacy is yet to be proven.