Here’s what makes SafetyCulture the 4th best place to work in Australia

Here at SafetyCulture, we’re absolutely delighted to announce that we placed number 4 in Australia’s Best Places to Work study. (Yes, even during a global pandemic!).

The survey is conducted based on one of the world’s most comprehensive assessments of workplace culture by Great Place to Work Australia. When we found out where we placed, there were virtual high fives, hugs and toasts all round!

With over 200 employees in Australia (400 globally), a huge 98% of our team believe SafetyCulture is a great place to work. For us as an organisation, we want to do everything we can to make sure our teams love coming to work.

Of course, this hasn’t come easy, as we navigated rapid growth over the past few years (we’ve doubled headcount and there are now 26,000 companies across the world completing over 600 million checks per year with iAuditor!), but as our business has scaled, we have been intentional about scaling our culture along with it.

To be honest, SafetyCulture had previously considered entering the Great Place to Work study a few times but we felt we weren’t ready.

Why? Because scaling is hard, laying great foundations takes time and we don’t always get it right. This year, we did feel ready and we’ve done our homework (this means: trying lots of things, failing, iterating, and listening to our people).

It’s been a big year for SafetyCulture, we raised $60.5 million and were recognised as a Unicorn — one of the rising tech companies in Australia. Being recognised as a best place to work was the cherry on top.

Here’s why we feel we’ve secured our place as being one of the best companies to work for in Australia in 2020, and some of our tried-and-tested advice on building a great company culture.

Building purpose and meaning

At SafetyCulture, we are passionate about creating a workplace where people feel they have purpose and meaning beyond just a regular 9–5.

We want all of our staff to say: “I had a great experience and a memorable journey at SafetyCulture”. Yes, we spend most of our lives at work — so why not make it a place where people can connect, belong, and have a good time in the process?

Workplaces who build environments where people can connect and belong will thrive. Here’s some examples of how we do it:

  • New Starter Onboarding Bootcamp: This is a key cornerstone of introducing staff to our culture, and allows employees to make a great first impression.
  • Generous parental leave: Having a baby is a special time in people’s lives, and we believe you should celebrate that — mums, dads, parents adopting all equally!
  • Company hackathons: Hackathons are a super-fun way to bring our employees together and generate new ideas!
  • Employee Assistance Program and fitness options: We want to invest in our employee’s mental and physical wellbeing.
  • Flexible Working: We understand balancing work and life isn’t always easy so we offer flexibility at SafetyCulture to empower our employees to make time for what’s important to them.
  • Prepared breakfasts, lunches and snacks every day: Teams that lunch together, stay together and no-one wants to work on an empty stomach, right?
  • Equity in SafetyCulture for all employees: This motivates our staff to do better and be a part of building something amazing together.
  • Quirky offices spaces: Our gaming areas offer a social space for staff to relax and take creative thinking breaks from work.
  • Pet friendly offices: For those days your pooch just needs a little TLC, here you can bring them into the office!

People over process

At Safety Culture, we believe processes should propel you forward, not swamp you in red tape. When you’re consistently doubling your headcount, it’s easy to focus on the task at hand and not the people involved.

We’ve learned that people are the foundation of our business, and if the processes are impacting your people, it’s time to reassess.

Here are some of our golden principles:

  • Always be iterating and adapting. Just like our product, iAuditor, our People Team adapts and changes to the needs of the business. We understand what worked yesterday, won’t always work today.
  • We design processes for the people who will do the right thing and treat people like adults.
  • We encourage bravery — to step into discomfort and give candid feedback
  • We’re all about being pragmatic and fair, sometimes things don’t always have a clear answer and throwing process at it just won’t fix it.
  • Put values and principles before rules

Responding quickly to world events

Our streamlined processes and focus on our people have meant we were in a strong position to respond to the pandemic.

When COVID-19 hit, we launched our Safely Back to Business initiative to support organisations reopening amid new safety restrictions and advice. Already, more than 75,000 people worldwide are using the iAuditor app to complete daily COVID-19 specific checklists.

As you can imagine, this was no easy feat! Our teams had to work at an incredibly rapid speed to ensure we met the challenges that businesses were facing, and they did a great job at turning around a valuable initiative so quickly.

We believe this was achieved by one core component:

  • Every employee understanding and championing our mission across all that they do.

Our business strategy is based on care

It’s important to know what your business cares about and define this compelling north star for all teams. We care about our customers and we care about our people.

Communicate this clearly and often, and create as much alignment as possible.

That means:

  • Hire for your mission
  • Develop for your mission
  • Grow for your mission.

When your teams are aligned, it does wonders to the performance of the business. At SafetyCulture we knew that to reach our goals, our biggest challenge would be growing our people at the pace of the opportunity.

Speaking a common language

Our last tip is to speak a common language throughout every level of your organization. Building a common language is all about defining behaviours and norms you want to foster and finding a way you can all speak to them. SafetyCulture’s company values and DISC workshops we run are both examples of our common languages.

Speaking these common languages helps create alignment, navigate conflict, communicate better and build vulnerability. It also helps forge partnerships and relationships based on a common understanding.

So what’s next for SafetyCulture?

These cultural foundations have enabled us to be adaptive and thrive in a COVID world. We’re proud, thrilled, and humbled to be recognised for the Great Place To Work 4th Place award (alongside so many brilliant companies), because it is testimony to each and every one of our employees and the incredible teams we are lucky to work with each day. This is just the beginning for SafetyCulture and we believe the best is still yet to come!

It’s an exciting, yet challenging time to celebrate being a part of SafetyCulture and everything we have built together.

It’s the employees at SafetyCulture that make it a truly great place to be, so to every single employee at SafetyCulture:

Thank you all so much! 💜

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