It is the story you will get pretty much everywhere.
Svetlana Voreskova

“ I do not doubt the justice of his cause or his courage; just his methods and his hypocritical rationalisations.”

What you call hypocrisy, I would call change over a very long period of time. Once upon a time, the ANC was a small group of nonviolent Marxists, a significant minority of whom were white Jews. After the first couple of years of nonviolent, Gandhi-esque protesting, they decided to escalate to sabotage of buildings, with an explicit ban on interpersonal violence. Later still, as the movement began to coalesce as a more militant black nationalist group, they escalated to armed confrontations with security forces, and to terrorist bombings that sometimes killed civilians.

I mean, sure, it’s simpler to write them off as terrorists, but history isn’t simple.

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