Sharing Your Point of View

What does it mean to have a point of view, and how do you develop it? It’s a question I struggle with as a young professional, balancing my acute awareness of my inexperience with my observations developed along the way. I went to Barnard, which means I was trained to never be apathetic about anything, to always to have a view, and to never be afraid to say it.

I have “officially” given myself permission to share my opinions on the intersection between technology and emerging markets.

After working on the investment team at one of the world’s most influential impact investing funds, I’ve seen deals across Africa, India and Pakistan, and I have developed unique perspective on where technology will catalyze economic growth in emerging markets. I appreciate feedback, and I want to develop and expand my point of view. It’s one thing to develop an opinion in a bubble, but it is a completely different one to test it out loud and engage in conversation. That’s how a point of view gains complexity, resilience and adaptability.

I’ve developed a view by showing up and reading. I think this blog will help, too.

Show Up: Speak with investors at other funds, and most importantly with entrepreneurs. I show up at industry-related meetups in the space, which is a great way to develop relationships and learn new things. Here are a few I love: New York Tech Breakfast, Beta NYC, BitDevs, New York Tech Meetup, Internet of Things, NY FinTech, Columbia Venture Community

Read: Understand where markets are going by reading up on what journalists at The Economist and the NYT have to say. There are also niche reads for those who care about philanthropy, economic development and impact investing: Quartz , SSIR, NextBillion , Wired, Vox.

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