Practicum Plans For Radio- Sagar Singh

The Difference Between BCIT And SFU/UBC

My BCIT course is a 2 year program. I’m pretty sure most programs at BCIT are 2 years. I really like this because I get to graduate sooner than other schools such as SFU and UBC, there programs are 4 years. That seems like such a long time but it makes sense because they have about 4–5 courses per semester where at BCIT for the first 2 semesters (the first year) most programs have 8–9 courses for the first 2 semesters.

Term 1

That does seem like alot of courses and for some people that could seem really overwhelming, it got pretty stressful for me back in term 1 when we had midterm week and final week because I had so many projects due and about 4 finals in one week. I got through it and I was really glad. In semester 3 and 4 there are less courses.

My Interests

What my interests are is either voice over, production, or social media. I would love to go into voice over because it seems like a really fun job to do. I can also do different voices such as a girl, country accent, etc. There are so many things you can do voice over for such as cartoons, movies, commercials etc. I am also very fluent in speaking Punjabi so I could do voice over for that to.

A Field I Would Love to Go Into

I would also really love to go into production because I really enjoy editing things such a video or audio. I know how to work with Adobe Audition for audio and Adobe Premire Pro for video really well. I have also got lots of training for Adobe Audition from my sound design and script performance classes.

Another Field I Would Enjoy

Social Media would also be a great option for me because I am really good with working with a computer. I know how to use tons of websites such as Twitter, Facebook, Flicker, LinkedIn, etc.

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