When Someone Lost A Job Because Of My Tweet

On 19th March, during the India versus Bangladesh world cup match, one of my friends pointed out that the text commentary on the ESPN-Cricinfo app and the Cricbuzz app seemed to be the same, for a particular delivery.

Then, I decided to tweet about it, with the help of the above screenshots. Cricbuzz was quick to reply, that their commentary was original.

@vypul, one of my followers, tagged the Editor-in-chief of ESPN-Cricinfo, Sambit Bal, in this thread of tweets. He checked and confirmed that plagiarism happened at their end and decided to sack the commentator responsible for this slip.

Many of us on Twitter, requested Sambit to reconsider his decision but he wouldn't budge.

The commentator missed watching that delivery. (This could also be due to live streaming problems.)There is a lot of pressure on such commentators to type quickly and post commentary on website. This plagiarism was clearly not planned beforehand. He did the best what he could manage to do before typing the commentary for the next ball. He was also brave enough to admit his mistake. The punishment is too harsh for such a mistake.

To be honest, I never thought my tweet would lead to this. In times like these, we come to know the power of social media. I hope that we can use this power for reversing the decision.

Make sure this blog reaches Sambit. Thank you.