3 reasons why your prospects say NO!

Not a fit!

1. You’re not the right fit for them.

Fact: Less than 14% of prospects think that a salesperson can actually understand them.

Sure! Mr. Salesrep!

2. You’re reaching out to the wrong people.

Fact 1: On average, 4–5 people are involved in today’s B2B purchase decisions.

3. They’re talking to your competitors.

Fact: You’re not the only one in your industry!

Be Proactive, be persistent and have GRIT. Unlearn and learn new things, times have changed, how people buy stuff has changed. Be that trusted advisor, follow the basics and if you do this over the long term, you will hear more YESES than NO’s!



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Sagar Chouhan

Sagar Chouhan

Inside Sales #b2b #sales talks about anything that is good to eyes and pleasant to ears..and other random stuff