1 + 1 makes 3

Creating stories that you didn’t know existed

As we’ve discussed during our previous episodes on Medium, Sagaverse solves some of the biggest pains for the creator economy.

While today only 2% of creators are earning income above minimum wage, what all creators have are their own superfans that create content.

Globally there are 75 million fans creating derivative works and fan art, creating 7.5 billion fan content consisting of images, videos, live streams, and comments.

In other words — every fan is a potential creator!

There’s a better tomorrow for both creators and fans. Let us show you how.

Stories that you didn’t know existed are created thanks to interactivity

True interactivity — which is the core of our Sagaverse ecosystem — provides a key ingredient for communities of fans and creators to flourish.

For creators, there’s nothing more powerful than a fan and what fans crave most is meaningful interaction and connection.

Sagaverse is the perfect destination for these creators, who focus on content that demands interactivity, such as video with fast-moving content, 3D, motion graphics, etc.

Sagaverse is a place for creators and fans to co-create and co-monetize Sagas; interactive stories made with video and 3D.

Better together: 1 + 1 = 3

Every fan becomes a creator with Sagaverse

Web3 is the place where the play experience is and where multiple creators and fans intersect. Interactivity and rich media go hand in hand. It is something highly desired by users and it is a big part of our Sagaverse App.

Interactivity is defined as the ability of content to respond to the actions of the user. Sagaverse offers the ability to re-create stories/visual content that is transformed into never-ending sagas from multiple different perspectives.

Create interactive videos in seconds, earn forever

A second, a like, a comment, a remix, a collaboration — everything counts and generates value.

By consuming while simply pausing and zooming in and out, you are also already interacting with the content. But in Sagaverse you can go beyond and add your own magic to it, so you are not only consuming content but also creating by cutting and adding new pieces to it. Therefore, by editing the videos that you see you can also create new and different formats of that “original” content.

Content on Sagaverse is called a Saga

Sagas are all about play and creation. At the heart of Sagaverse is a rich media player designed for next-generation visual media including interactive and augmented video. We know that this is the next content format people will love and want in their lives.

  1. Creators publish original assets on Sagaverse;
  2. Creators & Fans consume, combine, remix, re-publish, and co-distribute interactive and augmented video.
Interactivity on Sagaverse App

The creation of better content is possible through this interactiveness, with different perspectives of one main “original” content.

After all, 3 is better than 2, right? Different ideas create different content outcomes and therefore endless stories.

Everything matters

The stickiness of the content is also improved once the content is consumed and used multiple times, where all the creators involved can obviously benefit from it since in Sagaverse everyone owns their own content creations and earns always from it.

Sagaverse’s blockchain protocol ensures attribution and licensing information is carried along.

So indeed 1 + 1 = 3 ! 🧐

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