Community Changes Everything

Unleash your fanbase and co-create never-ending sagas

It was about the community. It is about the community.

Next to putting interactivity and ownership central, at the heart of Sagaverse is another pillar that enables a better tomorrow, for creators and fans alike.

Community changes everything.

Let us show you how Sagaverse mobilizes communities to create, remix, and monetize interactive video — and propels communities towards a better tomorrow through ownership and attribution.

Say what?…. What’s a community in the first place?

  • Is it like-minded participants coming together? Yes.
  • Supporting a project, content, a video, or anything they both feel strongly about? Yes.
  • Supporting that something with something that creates more value for the project or content or person? Yes.
  • Coming together in play, to have more fun together? Hell yes!
  • Let them eat cake she said, just like Marie-Antoinette? Yes, but I don’t like Killer Queen.
  • Because as an owner in Web3 you’re an investor? Yes.

With that said, you don’t need web3 for a community. You just need people sharing the same space and time. So where does Web3 fit in here?

Let’s take our Telescope out, and look for that space and time…

That space and time — where people come together to create magic videos in seconds and earn forever.

Space is the Place. Play is the Space where all the Web3 magic happens.

Play is where interactivity matters. Interactivity is where community matters. Community is where ownership matters…and on and on

While Web2 is not enough for content creators to make a living, Web3 opens an extensive list of opportunities for both creators and fans, allowing both sides to cooperate, co-create and co-monetize in unison.

And this combination — effectively merging creation and consumption — is exactly what brings a better future for all.

Whether you’re a creator or a fan — whatever you do for the community, benefits the community and you

“As long as a community is interested in whatever you do — whatever you do should continue, and the community as a whole benefits”

So how does this work? Better together.

Bringing creators and fans together, Sagaverse makes it possible for creators to activate fans and their content, bringing them limitless benefits.

If you create content that demands interactivity, such as video with fast-moving content (like sports) or if you’re a Twitch streamer: we got your back. Your cool content gets interacted with, and our open rich media format describes your (new) content such as comments, likes, reaction videos, remixes, and related other content, and documents its rightful ownership and attribution to that original piece of content or fan art.

Seconds become stories. Stories become epics. Epics become Sagas.

All this interactive content essentially activates your community to create, remix, and monetize.

Any content with interactivity at the core becomes bigger over time as long as your audience likes seeing it.

These ‘different perspectives’ — i.e. interactions with your original piece of content — increase its relevance even further — be it likes, comments, memes, etc. It’s as simple as that.

Redistribution via derivative content = more monetization and engagement!

So how do I unleash my fanbase and create magic in seconds?

Think about remixing your content, live concerts, live events, collaborative content creation, fan art… you name it:

  • Bring your digital assets to new audiences;
  • Enable new revenue from your digital assets;
  • Activate your community of fans to create, remix and monetize.

For creators, there’s nothing more powerful than a fan, and what fans crave most is meaningful interaction and connection, the feeling of true community.

Things will get only stickier overtime as more and more fans interact with original- or derivative content *hurray*!

We’ve come full circle now. Perhaps the image below tells more than words.

Over time, through interactivity, ownership, and community — economies will thrive.

Our Sagaverse platform motivates creators and fans to cooperate, co-own, co-create, co-monetize, and co-distribute content, as a true community building something together.

Better together. It was about the community. It is about the community.

Creating interactive videos in seconds. Earn forever.

Stay tuned for more Sagaverse updates by connecting with us on:

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