How We Created Time Travel

Time travel isn’t just for the movies 🎬✨⏱

During this summer’s team event in Oslo, our VP of Technology James David Tandy presented a few things the IT team had been working on, which all got us even more excited about the future!

“Enabling #TimeTravel ⏱”, “Dynamic #LEGO blocks 🧱”, “Forecasting #creativity 🎨”.

To further on this we asked James to drum up in a few lines how we are using time travel to help power our features within the Sagaverse App!

“I guess you guys aren’t ready for that, yet. But your kids are gonna love it.” Marty McFly

Enjoy the reading!

The nature of streaming formats, the hardware, and the memory available on the devices are generators of many technical limitations on media players. Some of these are:

  • The download of segments of a media stream can take several seconds;
  • Decoding frames and audio samples can also take many seconds;
  • Preparing and rendering frames implies a delay of a few frames.

Sagaverse is designed with a patented player technology made to overcome the technical limitations encountered during the process of building the app’s media player.

How did we solve these problems?

Our techies designed from the ground up a user behavior prediction model. By doing this we are predicting the position and the rate of playback based on the user’s interaction with the media. These predictions are used to apply caching — a process that stores multiple copies of data in a temporary secure storage location — on multiple levels of the streaming process.

Here are the levels of the streaming process:

Level 0 — Actual position and rate;

Level 1 — Prediction 1/60 second into the future for frame preparation and audio sample preloading;

Level 2 — ½ second for frame decode and caching data;

Level 3 — Rate prediction and interpolation to control segment download and adaptive streaming.

Available memory is distributed over all the levels. Downloading — and decoding — processes are closely monitored in order to allow fast changes in decoding strategies. Furthermore, stream variants with lower quality streams are requested when available bandwidth (transmission capacity) and rate would limit playback.

It is based on availability, playback rate, and streaming format that the frames are prioritized and potentially dropped.

It is by using this technique that it has been possible to deliver an unparalleled user experience and a unique tactile feel to our Sagaverse app media player!

Our Sagaverse App is thus powering a community that creates and monetizes interactive and augmented video that you can touch, play and own.

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