Introducing: Inside Saga!

All you ever wanted to know but were afraid to ask.

Inside Saga is Sagaverse’s new biweekly series where Tony Romanelli, our Head of Community, will be interviewing different members of the team and revealing behind-the-scenes information.

This series delivers on our promise of full transparency! Guests are interviewed to explain who they are and what roles they play inside Sagaverse so you can get a comprehensive picture of what we are about and the people who make Sagaverse.

To kickstart our series ‘Inside Saga’ the first episode covers none other than our Co-Founder and CEO, Lars-Erik Ravn.

Lars-Erik Ravn, Co-founder and CEO of Sagaverse

How did you enter this space?

“I started using video early on as a creator tool just for me and my friends, to film us doing skateboarding and snowboarding, and we had to learn through video and playing with the VHS”.

Years later, computers and smartphones entered the frame which introduced Lars-Erik to real-time graphics and his first jobs in the video space. “I helped out a few friends of mine to start a company by doing real-time graphics for them and also learned the ropes and worked for companies pushing the limits of the (then) upcoming GPUs that nowadays power all of our devices”.

Fun fact: Did you know that the mobile GPU was built in Norway, the country in which Sagaverse has its headquarters. And that this GPU powers 80% of our mobile devices today?

What is your main focus as a CEO?

“Basically being the CEO means that I am responsible for everything. To reach our goals, I am constantly working closely with all the teams to make sure that we are all aligned with the focus on building a great product for the community”.

He continues with another responsibility that is key for his focus now “scaling up the team so that we are ready to take on the world”.

So how did you get to this idea in the first place? What is your purpose?

“I think it all goes back to the fact that I used to work with video visual media graphics 3D, both as a learning tool, as a hobby, and as a storytelling tool” as Lars-Erik continues that “Steve Jobs and Apple made it possible for even his mom to edit images :)”. Ultimately this resulted in the idea that a successful recipe for a ‘fluid interface we all love and want’ must be somewhere along “multi-touch captive screens and a really powerful hardware set-up thanks to the smaller GPU”.

Continuing on that thought Lars-Erik says that he started connecting the dots around insights, capabilities, and implications for the upcoming GPU generations, and having the foresight that a lot more could be done for video based on his own interests and passion for real-time graphics & interactive content in general. The CEO started to ask himself in 2013 why all main mobile video players, in contrast to many other gamified mobile apps, still did not allow swipe modes and any of the perks of the new smartphone displays i.e. touch, play, feel, or create like pretty much any other app allowed for navigation.

“I became obsessed with turning this idea into something that can change the world since the current technology for video on mobile is very much based on an all too familiar linear broadcast model from good old TV” Relevant for yesterday’s generation, not for tomorrow’s.

“Therefore, there was a missing piece of technology that needed to be built.”

Next to his passion for anything video, there was another problem that Lars-Erik identified with content creators, and the urge to fix that came naturally being a creator himself. He says “The creator economy has too many caveats on Web2, where 2% of creators making a minimum wage or more on YouTube is a clear indicator that something is broken. Also, where the essence of community i.e. fans interacting with comments, likes, and shares — are not rewarded at all, apart from big advertising budgets to make the big pockets of the big5 even bigger”.

This is how Sagaverse enters the Web3 space and offers clear use-cases both powered by intuitive video tech capabilities and an attribution platform rewarding community interactions. He continues “a new creator first social network based on Web3 principles of people owning their content and their contribution, and empowering everyone to be a creator in real-time”.

The core principles of Sagaverse.

“The main guiding principles that Sagaverse is building on are collaboration, co-creation, co-ownership, and co-distribution. These are all characteristics that users will be able to see immediately while experiencing the product for the first time. There will not be any division between creators and fans, because Sagaverse will be the bridge between those two, and everyone who participates and does stuff will own their own contribution to that particular content and own the rights to monetize it”, mentions the CEO.

“Sagaverse is a canvas for both creation and consumption and the new content format that people did not necessarily realize they love and need, but they will after experiencing the app. Just by watching, playing, touching, and feeling the content, you can immediately become a creator.” Lars-Erik continues by describing the Sagaverse App as “a playground where fans and creators can create together, distribute together, and own it together”.

Create, Share & Remix

Sagaverse is also changing the way you consume the content, by making it a fully touch-based gesture model, which allows the users to go as fast or slow as they want, zoom it, and create content immediately while you are playing with it as it would be on any other sort of content form of the mobile.

Solana will be the blockchain used for Sagaverse. The choice was made based on its scalability, speed, cost, community backing, technical features, and the available developer tools, explains the CEO by saying “we need the speed of doing micro-transactions, millions of engagements happening. All of these are logged as NFTs since they are contributions which are creating value, therefore it is needed to track who owns it”. Lars-Erik also mentions “we are definitely building Sagaverse to be multi-chain and that is part of the big sort of value proposition of it”.

Own everything you do on the internet. Everything counts.

“Anything you create on Sagaverse will be minted on the chain and it will also get an attribution manifest”

Lars-Erik continues to explain how the system of ownership works as “the original creator still owns their content and will still own the majority of the revenue potential for that rich media NFT, or that derivative work that gets created”.

As a creator, your unique work remains yours by defining the attribution terms from the get-go.

“ While using the Sagaverse App you can build whatever you want while using assets from other creators who will still be attributed, since Sagaverse serves as a cross-chain source of truth about who owns those assets, and also enables everyone to compile what we refer to as rich media assets, multi-asset, multi-owner, NFTs that can be further licensed and distributed agnostically anywhere on Web3” explains Lars-Erik.

So what’s the deal with Loki and Sagaverse building bridges?

Since Sagaverse was conceived, founded, and scaled out of Norway, the land of Vikings, Lars-Erik mentions upon the ask whom he would choose as the persona Viking God if he would need to choose the one Norwegian Viking God downloading the App and having an account on Sagaverse. He responds “I would go for Loki, since he’s an innovator for starters — and without him, there would be no gods and clubs since he functions as a bridge and as a glue between the two worlds. And Sagaverse is the bridge between who is a creator and who is a fan, to erase the gap between those two and enable them to interact”.

“But… we believe that Loki, the early adopter, would then send an invite to Odin and every Viking would be on Sagaverse.”

To finalize, our CEO Lars-Erik says “we are really happy to get everyone’s opinion and thoughts about how to build this since we are building it for the community. The best place to share anything and find a friendly and knowledgeable place would be to join our Discord

Immerse yourself in this magic video world, get Inside Saga!

See you in the next episode.

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