Ownership Changes Everything

Owning your creations means owning the future!

Nobody likes to lose ownership of something they created with passion and pride and to see someone else enjoy the benefits.

We are all natural-born creators 🎨

It has never been easier to create — and this is reflected in millions and millions of creators trying to earn a living from their work — but the majority are struggling as only 2% of creators are earning income above minimum wage.

What all creators have are their own superfans that create content.

The flip side of being a creator is what makes a creator: Yes — Their fans 🙌

Presently there are 75 million fans creating derivative works and fan art, creating a whopping 7.5 billion fan content consisting of images, videos, live streams, and comments.

However, most generated content is trapped in dead ends. This is true for video, where even though video accounts for over 85% of internet traffic, video is still constrained to linear passive broadcasts and distribution models that lock out many creators and their fans.

What’s needed now, is the ability to unleash new forms of video experiences, while fairly compensating for fandom, community, and participation.

Let us show you how Sagaverse empowers ownership, attribution, and lifetime passive income.

Welcome, Web3.

Underneath the Web3 surface lies a liberating opportunity for creators to monetize their content, do more, and co-create with fans in new ways. Ultimately building up something that lasts— together with their fans.

Being a fan is not just a “give” experience, it’s a reciprocal relationship between fans-communities-creators. Fans expect interaction & reward for their participation.

Monetization through interactivity is the key to unlocking true fandom.

A second, a like, a comment, a remix, a collaboration — everything counts and generates value.

Whatever you do — You own it.

It’s not only the original content that matters. Everyone who adds magic deserves a piece of the rewards as it's the fans that make you a creator.

We believe everyone should and needs to be rewarded for their creative efforts during the whole process involving content: creating, featuring, liking, commenting, sharing, etc.

Our blockchain-powered manifest ensures attribution and licensing are carried along and terms are always honored.

In other words — everything counts.

Sagaverse protocol — media engine and media manifest

The Sagaverse protocol consists of two main components.

  1. Media Manifest for composing, distributing, and recomposing tokenized assets while retaining attribution, licensing information, and no duplication of assets;
  2. Media Engine merging creation and consumption of interactive visual assets (2D, 3D, Programmable, Audio).

How does ownership work?

Sagaverse allows users to consume & create interactive content & monetize its usage in derivative works. Thanks to NFTs.

First of all — Everything you do is stored as an NFT.

Sagaverse allows users to play and create interactive content & monetize its use by others! And documents everything by NFTs. It’s that simple really.

New reach — Powered by derivative content monetization

Monetizing is easy! Mint, own, and get paid all from the Sagaverse app. Creators always keep 95% of the revenue they generate. Every time anyone engages with a Saga, owners are rewarded through a Play to Earn model that continuously pays out over the lifespan of the content. Sagaverse’s blockchain protocol ensures attribution and licensing information is carried along and terms are always honored.

Sagaverse allows anyone to support creators through content staking. Anyone can invest tokens earned or by purchasing additional Saga tokens. The more derivative works, engagement, and transactions a Saga has, the more tokens are distributed to its owners and stakers. This incentivizes and rewards creators and fans to build up the Sagaverse network through co-ownership, co-monetization, and co-distribution.

Owning the Sagaverse token means owning the future of creation. The token is used in all platform transactions and is backed by partial DAO ownership of a growing content library. Token demand comes from staking and platform transactions.

Mobilizing communities through ownership.

So what’s in it for you? The creators — The fans.

  • Bring your digital assets to new audiences;
  • Enable new revenue from your digital assets;
  • Create with idols. Activate your community of fans to create, remix and monetize.

And keep 95% of everything you do

Since ownership is one of the main focuses of Sagaverse, our dApp will only be taking 5% of the revenue made by all the users of the platform. Sagaverse will give back to the community and provide true ownership to the rightful owners, to the first-class citizens of web3. Find out more in the previously published article of our series The Journey of a Lifetime.

Lifetime passive income explained in three simple steps 1 — 2 — 3

1. Creators retain freedom while getting the fair pay they deserve 💰
2. Fans know that their direct support goes towards creating more of what they love 💌
3. Fans who co-create in turn get rewarded for the things the community values 🏆

We will shape the future of Web3 and the metaverse.

Sagaverse is a dApp-powered community for creators and fans to come together to co-create, co-monetize, and co-distribute using original and fan content.

Everything you do. You own.

Stay tuned for more Sagaverse updates by connecting with us on:

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