How to Create a Happy Workplace

With the breakneck speed that many businesses operate at today, it’s very easy to get caught up on deadlines and miss the details — like whether or not your workplace is a happy workplace. Happiness is a vital factor in creating more productive (read: more deadline savvy) employees, and can also greatly reduce turnout rates within a company as well. When employees stress less, they work more — 12% more, to be precise.

Everyone in the workplace impacts the happiness level of it. Negative employees will have a negative impact; positive employees will have a positive impact. Happy employees create a happy workplace, so it is vital to consider the positivity of candidates during the hiring process.

Candidates that demonstrate a more narrow, negative attitude are not likely to contribute to creating a happier workplace, so it is important to look for candidates that have upbeat, positive attitudes to contribute to the working environment. When interviewing, consider how these candidates make you feel when you’re around them, and stick to those who bring a feeling of caring and happiness to you.

Of course, that isn’t all there is to creating a happy workplace. You will also need to encourage your employees to be friendly and helpful towards one another. Managers can take a role in this by making sure to give a friendly greeting to every employee each day as they arrive at work.

Happiness isn’t just a feeling; it’s a culture, so you will definitely want to make it company policy for everyone to put their best foot forward in creating a helpful and friendly environment for all to enjoy.

Hosting company events is another happiness tactic used by many large corporations. We’re not just talking about the standard office meet and greets over some cake and coffee; actually plan fun events that your employees will be excited to attend after hours. If you don’t know what kinds of events would get your employees’ attention, try emailing them a quick survey with a selection of different events to choose from.

Another idea that medium to large sized businesses may want to consider is hosting a monthly pep rally for maintaining team spirit.

Naturally, showing that you care about your employees goes a huge way in creating a happy workplace, as well. Make an effort to get to know your employees on a personal level and encourage them to pursue their personal career goals and be a little selfish. Support their dreams and goals and offer additional training or other easily accessible company resources to back up your words of support with action. Focus on their positives and give them plenty of praise for their accomplishments at work.

Just by minding these few factors, you can create a much happier work environment for your employees. It is important to remember that a happy boss makes happy workers; so don’t neglect yourself in your career pursuits. Take good care of yourself physically and emotionally so that you can be a good backbone for your happy workplace. The business owner that takes good care of their employees will find their employees taking good care of them.

In other words, lead by example.

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