How to Do Mini Meditations at Work

Are you feeling totally stressed out at work?

Take a minute.

That’s the key-phrase meditation and yoga teachers may use to convince you of the benefits of mini meditations at work. You don’t have to climb mountains or join a yoga team in order to relax your mind and body. You can do it right at the office. No need to throw a mat on the floor.

You can take mini meditation breaks without even getting up from your chair — or take advantage of your lunch break in order to escape for much longer. Either way, you’ll gain from it.

A strict boss, tight schedules, a difficult task or co-worker can all increase your anxiety. The repercussions: your productivity will suffer, and you’ll feel exhausted and unhappy. Why allow it? Here are some mindfulness tips to boost your energy each day:

1. Breathe.

You don’t have to do anything else but just concentrate on your breathing. Inhale and exhale; taking tiny pauses in between. Keep your eyes closed if you want. It will relax you even more.

2. Stretch.

Stand up for a second and stretch the muscles. If you can find a private zen zone in the office, stretch your hands up and down. If you can’t move from the chair, just open the hands to stretch the chest and roll the shoulders.

3. Think through the problem.

If you are stressed out over a particular problem, take a second to think it through. If there’s a viable solution, create a plan to make it happen. If it can’t be solved, accept it.

4. Take a minute.

When you find yourself having read the same sentence three times, it’s time for a tiny break. You only need a minute to get it together. Look around at the office, exchange a few words with a colleague or send a message to a friend. Do something that relaxes you.

5. Let your mind escape.

Change the scenery around you by thinking of something entirely different. Think about where you want to go next weekend, or what you want to have for dinner. Create tiny motives to keep you going.

6. Isolate noises.

Remember the three wise monkeys? “See no evil; hear no evil; speak no evil?” That’s a good set of guidelines to follow. It’s best to listen to some music and relax the mind. That’s what you are after, right?

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