You Asked & We Listened: SageMob Updates this Week (Mar 14, 2016)

Based off your insights we’re incredibly excited to share the latest updates to SageMob.

Updates to SageMob:
See who loves your playlist. # of followers and views display inside your playlist.
See the latest updates to your playlist. Playlist now opens up with a playlist feed.
Reorder resources how you want to see them.
Reorder playlists how you want to see them.
Various UI/UX updates.
Various bug fixes.

Get a Behind the Scenes Look
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Come Explore by Joining the SageMob Beta
We’re strongly committed to making an experience that gets rid of the noise on the internet. We want a place where we only see content that matters to us and we have a safe place to save resources we love for later.

This is special in that we’re experimenting publicly with early versions of what we’re building. Getting this right is immensely important to us, and in order for us to help connect you with the best content on the web, we need your thoughts to learn what’s working and what’s not. We’d be honored to have you join this cause. Your feedback will take these new features further.

Play around with awesome new features from SageMob before anyone else. All we ask in return is you tell us what you love and what you don’t.

Curated resources that matter most to you is one small piece of what’s coming over the next several weeks and we’re looking forward to working on this together!

– Louis

Where to Get the Beta
Join the Beta: Web

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