Bad Emotions are Bad Biochemistry.

You’re not broken.

Chances are, you don’t even know you. You and you have never met.

Who do you think “you” are?

You are a holobiont. “You”, your blood cells, your plasma, your cellular fluff made of spirit and stardust, are 10 trillion cells. The rest of “not-you-but-you”, the viruses, the microbes, the yeasts, the fungi, archaea outnumber you by 10x. There are 100 trillion of “them”.

You are the amalgamation of your environmental inputs, and what grows inside you because of them. Holo, whole. Biont, life. You are all of you.

You are what you feed. Your consciousness is a farmer, whether you’re aware of it or not.

The microbiome is 90% more of your entity than “you” are.

Some interesting studies in mice and humans have shown that a high fat diet can shift your gut microbes which in turn has the knock on effect of low-grade inflammation as measured by circulating levels (in your blood) of a plasma endotoxin known as lipopolysaccharide (LPS). LPS is the primary structural component of the outer membrane of Gram-negative bacteria found in the gut. So how can shifting your gut microbes cause an increase of LPS in your blood? Turns out, the high fat diet reduces (shifts) the levels of Bifidobacterium. These particular bacteria are known to produce short-chain fatty acids (butyrate, propionate and lactate) as a byproduct of fermenting things like dietary fiber. When their numbers go down — as with a high fat diet — the amount of short-chain fatty acids (SCFA) go down as well. These SCFAs are known to improve gut barrier function (think leaky gut) through a number of mechanisms.
So, in this ‘one example,’ if you change your diet (higher fat in this case) you reduce your SCFA production — which is an ecosystem service provided by your microbes — then your gut starts to leak and things that do not belong in your blood start showing up (LPS) and cause low-grade inflammation (the lab coats call it endotoxemia) which has been linked to insulin resistance, type 2 diabetes and obesity (click here for longer discussion on this).

An Eater’s Guide to A Healthy Microbiome, Jeff Leach. This incredibly cool dude actually used a turkey baster to transplant poop from a Wild African man’s butt to his Domestic American man’s butt to change his microbiome. Among other fantastic experiments.

So does this mean Burger King people have Burger King thoughts?

They are who they’ve cultivated. Feed the microbiome hormone-pumped, ammonia-washed, ground-in tumor meat, and what should you expect?

By consuming disposable food, do people have disposable emotions?

Are they disposable… people?

Crazyhead, Netflix, S1 E4. The scene where the bad guys picked up some schmuck at Burger King to tempt the zombie girl they have captive in the room behind them.
Crazyhead, Netflix, S1 E4. Callum, the head demon bad guy from hell, looking like one hell of a head demon bad guy from hell, as he snaps Burger King guy’s neck
Crazyhead, Netflix, S1 E4. “Shouldn’t have gone to Burger King”…. Amirite??

The Big Bad Alpha Demon in Netflix’ Crazyhead seems to think so.

Bad Biochemistry, Bad Emotional State

I don’t think people are aware enough of what is causing their emotional states.

Liver congestion can lead to anger outbursts that look a lot like psychosis.

Mold endotoxicity can stimulate a syndrome called “Mold Rage”. Holes in the wall and upturned furniture? Check.

Sugar and food allergies causes ADHD. Mineral deficiencies cause Autism .“Why are the kids these days so stupid and unmanageable?” is the *wrong* question. How about instead of Ritalin and judgement, we consider that school is boring, and the laughable state of state-mandated lunches turn a dynamic kinetic explosion of imagination called a KID feel dead and gross inside. Kid’s gonna react to that. Rebellion against boredom and pain looks a lot like “acting up” or “stupidity”.

C’mon. Let’s be adults. Give the kids *real* food and *real* minerals, and watch those behavioral problems disappear. You don’t have a problem kid. You have a problem system.

I see people hold their arms up in a learned helplessness trance. “Oh, my kid has Autism”. “I want to snap so-and-so’s neck”. “Oh, I’m just an asshole, I’ve always been this way.” “It’s not the mold that’s causing my fibromyalgia.” “My general practitioner says [insert braindead assumption here].”

Hold the phone, folks. Why is this acceptable?

You know you have sovereignty over your health, right?

You know you have control of your emotional state, right?

You can change your biochemistry. You can change your thoughts. You can alter your inflammation. You have the power to influence your hormones. You have influence over your emotions. You can skip stuffing your face with fake food. You can connect cause and effect.

These are my writings after I try to emotionally support myself by not-so-suppportive “food”:

This sucks. I don’t believe my promises.
I don’t believe I can fix myself.
I don’t believe I will escape this rotten city, full of broken hopes, lies, cheaters, devastated memories.
The ground shifts from underneath me. I make bad decisions because I’m desperate for change, and uncomfortable in my tiny, dirty, tortured apartment. Everyone’s condition is deteriorating. We’re not in a holding pattern, we’re in a slow descent. This is true. We MUST escape.
I could sleep right now.
Or I could make the call to UPackWeShip and inquire.
Or I could make the call to the UK embassy and inquire about a work visa.
What are you so afraid of? You can’t commit because you’ve never been there? Because you don’t have enough money right now? Yes…. I understand… Lack of money is a lack of electricity. And you’re afraid of working harder because you’re afraid of the emotional pains and helplessness you will inevitably feel working with your longtime partner. That’s all very legitimate. You need to find a way through those very difficult emotions and break into your next level. You feel very alone. You don’t have anyone to talk to. You don’t have a coach or mentor.
I know. You feel stupid and humiliated and unsure ALL the time. You lack confidence. You lack smarts. Which feeds your lack of confidence. You’d rather hide in your hoodie in a warm cocoon of sleep and let everything pass by without your input. You think your input doesn’t matter or help. You think you’re not qualified. (And you’re right, because that’s a self fulfilling prophecy).

— DayOne Private Journal Entry, Friday July 15, 2016, 2:30 AM, Portland Oregon.

Looking back, I can’t believe I indulged some of those ideas as “legitimate”.

That’s maldigestion and illness speaking. That’s my unsupportive environment speaking. That’s disaster indulgence. That’s feigned helplessness. Is it all a bunch of hot, steamy, misinformed, victim-fetishizing bullsmack?

That’s not the true expression of my soul speaking.