Day 6: Compulsive Healthy Habit Design and Temporarily Ditching Caffeine for Bitters

Guten morgen, Medium!

I find myself laying in bed, swirling in thoughts, until finally my activity monitor buzzed with its glow of encouragement at :10 til the hour.

Letting an AI Activity Monitor be the Mommy Coach you always wanted but never had.

A funny thing I noticed about the activity monitor. It’s one of the greatest $129s I’ve spent in ages. Isn’t the cost of a human coach per hour something like $129? 14 times throughout the day, at :50, it’s cheery AI taps me on the wrist, reminding me “It’s step o’clock!” and I have x/250 steps to complete before the hour. It counts my steps. It tells me when I’m done. And its such a small ask, I can’t help but do it.

Rolling through a handful of chipper, happy, nonjudgemental, endlessly encouraging lines, every hour, reminding me to drop what I’m doing and make an easily attainable small exercise commitment…. My brain is lit like Christmas! I get to break up my long stretches at the iMac and come back *better* for it. 50 minutes is just about the right time to get into a real good work sprint, and 2–7 minutes of stepping, lifting, pacing, and otherwise is the perfect mental refresh that gets me back in my game.

Dissolving Frustration by Designing Compulsive Healthy Habits

Over the medium term, I’ve noticed the cagey frustration I get when I’m overwhelmed by work lists subside. Every time I’m up pacing and walking, I’m automatically noticing and picking up trash and MOOP around the house, rehoming it, restoring order. I hit 250 steps within 2–7 minutes, and I try to combine efforts. :50 is the time every hour I go for a mid flight refuel. I grab my juice, I start lunch for kids, I straighten up the house, I lift weights, and I try to raise my heartrate to its VO2 max. All within 2–7 minutes. And at the end, AI Wristwatch Mommy says, “Crushed it!”.

AI Mommy says I scored 250/250! Yay!

As though my order-soothed mind couldn’t get any more massaged, I get an encouraging serotonin hit at the end. No human witnessed me do these thankless secret superhuman feats. But AI Mommy did. And just the simple, preprogrammed acknowledgement makes me feel like I’m floating.

Today? An Atypical Morning.

Usually my morning routines include a L-Phenylalanine+90 trace mineral supplement+smart drink, plus a handful of other nutes and supps from some of my most admired and respected crazypants nutritionists, or a superfood cococashewmilk ceremonial matcha latte, but after yesternight’s explosive uterine swampworks, I’m feeling a departure from my usual.

And hence, I lick my finger and poke through my personal herbarium to see what the inhouse Dr Tongue thinks our body should need. Taste is how Leonardo DaVinci made sense of his pigments and metals, and since all the motivational Jim Rohn gurus out there double down on the advice to model your heroes, I’d guess modeling one of the most prolific creative minds known this century is a safe bet.

Oh, what do we have this morning? Adaptogens!

Bitter Homes and Gardens

My strategy as late is to fortify my liver and blood. Since blood will be transporting oxygen to my hurty parts, and carrying dead sludge out to my liver, I need both superhighways in tip top shape.

You know what a liver loves? Bitter loves.

This morning’s “heal from endometrial explosion” stack included the following:

  1. 2 capsules Natto-Serra, enzymes to eat nonliving material in the body. I will dissolve this endometrial tissue, one good habit at a time
  2. 8oz Spring Dragon Gynostemma tea. Adaptogenic and longevity-promoting. I just don’t fancy its taste whatsoever, but, I am guessing I will at some point.
  3. 1 tbsp Annamundi Liver Vitality. I’m pretty sure I’m taken in by this one’s graphic design, because people who design products like this, with the amount of herbal chutziness, are likely supercool psychopaths I want to know. Everything on this list looks good: Graviola, Dandelion Root, Burdock, Moringa, Chlorella, Spirulina, Chanca Piedra, Turmeric, Milk Thistle. Sure, I can order every thing separately (and I have much of it), but supporting supercool psychopaths feels good, too. They’re just friends I haven’t met yet!
  4. A few quite bitter drops of both Hepacure and Lipothn

I wasn’t feeling caffeine was necessary this morning. Clear liquid and added adaptogens are on my docket today. I enjoy the sensation of the superbitter on my tongue, not because it tastes great (I’m pretty sure any Westerner I drop Lipothn into will likely have an epileptic fit of retchy eye watering disfrazzlement that ends in their dissolution into a pit of bubbling disgust), but because I feel great with this sensation on my tongue. It feels right to be embittered. My body feels relieved. This sounds new age and stupid, but I can feel my body thanking me, because I am experiencing the same sensations of pleasant gratitude I would feel if someone important told me out of the blue that I was doing a good job.

— —

Thank you for reading. This juice fasting blog is dedicated to the memories of my two dead children, JP (born 5/19/2010) and LP (born 8/27/2015). I offer these writings as my personal motherly insight and inspiration to you, and I hope it nourishes you on your own personal journey. Open discussion is welcome and encouraged here. What, big or small, has this post inspired in you? Your words and thoughts complete this story.

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