I know that he is trying to help me out , in knowing the transformation of society from being responsible ,to being not caring for elderly, from being warm hearted to the real truths about the men who issued social waves , kindles fire though words ,I have personally long forgotten.

Though there is a pattern that I cannot find for him and not for me .Still you cannot trust him from the beginning , though he was laying you the potential perspective from the lyrics of the music genre to the behaviour of physics and their contribution and his very opulent response .

My friends are very convinced by him, and lets him know their own truths about their skills and goals .He doesn’t hesitate neither murmur when he talks , which needs practice to be perfect .His action is too brisk to be sure .

He has that revenge and strategy he needs to hold in the sport field to let winner for his team and for his near and dear ones.

Still I can’t trust him, which is very strange , after he gave his more precious of 4 rth dimension , to invest in my potential to be big in my life .He has been so very inspiration to me for so long , this might be this : maturity is a choice , or how I behave at some situation may be harming me through some extent . His warning has helped me though in and through out. Sometimes get the raw data before facing a consequence .

Still I don’t know why I am not trusting him to know my dream , might be because I lost all determination , or my insecurities to cover up , figuring for failures I had before .That is not his fault as well , because I am returning to the fact he is too intelligent , trying to protect my friends ,being equal to all , understating the mindset of co workers , their exposure shaping them up and identifying their contribution as reason for their growing up years as otherwise .

Thank you so so much , dear him .

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