You are a fading imaginary line between right and wrong .

Each and every moments in your present life asks questions about your decisions and patterns and beliefs , solutions or the outcome which your logic said to be right at that point of time .

Where you totally conscious about your life and how much did you think before taking decisions .

How much time do you utilise in days to correct your mistakes.

When things fall apart ,when you are disappointed , when you keep picking your head that whatever you did in a past will be proved to be the best decision on the future .The reason might be you wanted be unique , you wanted to contribute towards your community so that you can examine your skills in order to come near to people.

People as a whole have varied sense and responses over every situations which is so very unpredictable at times .

Life happens when you have the ability to interact and interpret your mistakes into somewhere which leads to more perfect conclusions and this elements contribute towards better perceptions of situations .

No examples ,so that readers reflect their own life without a mirror . Remember water and mirage .

Happy day .

Keep questioning and feel good about your mistakes as they present you surprising insights .

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