How to Make Your Influencer Marketing Campaign Successful?

Believe it or not, the secret tool in any major brand’s arsenal is influencers and this what makes influencer marketing a critical marketing tool for businesses. These key members of your industry are basically the catalyst for your marketing and branding efforts and act as connections between a brand and your audience.

Creating a strong connection with industry influencers is a bit challenging, but eventually worth the effort. Influencer marketing is the secret sauce that can convert any marketing campaign into a big hit. All you need to connect with the right people and doing it the right way.

In this blog, I’ll discuss some tips that will help you make connection with influencers and maximize your marketing campaign’s ROI.

Define Clear Goals of Your Campaign

Before you start making connections with industry influencers, figure out what you want to achieve with your marketing campaign, what are the main goals of it. Perhaps you want to achieve some major goals with your influencer outreach campaign including:

· Increasing brand awareness and recognition on social media

· Generating more leads and improving conversion rates

· Targeting a new demographic and engage them

· Create interest and engagement among your existing customers

· Fostering long-term relationships with your influencers and thought leaders

Starting with all these objectives in mind, you can properly curate and approach thought leaders that would be ideal for meeting these goals.

Choosing the Right Type of Influencers

Choosing the right influencers and thought leaders is easier said than done. It involves a clear understanding of your target audience, business objectives and a keen eye for people who have great influence in your industry. Carefully monitoring activities on your social media is a great way to figure out which people your target audience engages with frequently.

There are some tools such Buzzsumo that can help you determine influencers in your target industry or niche and narrow down the search. Once you have found some options, take a deep look at their profiles. Make sure you review the ways in which they engage with their audience. Analyze whether they truly influence other people’s decision.

Treat them as a Brand

It is important to treat your industry influencers like a fellow brand, trust me they are exactly brands. They start with creating engaging blogs and forging a unique brand the same way your business did. It is important to keep in mind especially when you engage them. Like any famous brand, top influencers have a voice that carries across their followers.

They create high-quality, engaging content in the same way your brand does, and their influence is exactly why you are establishing a connection with them. When you reach out them, remember all things in mind and discuss everything about your campaign in an amicable way. Your campaign’s goals, objectives, brand voice and everything that you think influencers should be informed.

Establish a Strong Relationship

Keep in mind that influencer outreach is a tricky process, so stay calm, don’t panic. As coming straight to the point will turn off any influencer. Therefore, you must establish a relationship with them prior to start discussing things about your branding campaign.

Think and act smart. Start following them on social media or subscribing to their blogs. Start commenting, liking and sharing their posts, or simply send them a thumbs up on social media. Give them a real reason to reach out to you by showing a great interest in their blog or brand.

Here, the key is not to ask directly for help until you build a healthy relationship with them so that they don’t mind doing the same for your brand.

Be Who You Are

Remember, robotic messages or very professional outreach will not help you create a strong

relationship. If you don’t show them your real face, chances are they will walk away. There are many ways to show your brand credibility, for instance, if you are using an email, use a strong, personalized subject line. Mention something specific in the email that make them think that you really mean it. Influencers will never respond to any robotic or inauthentic praise.

Social Proof

One of the most important ingredient of any successful influencer marketing camping is your authority, your social proof. You need to give thoughts leaders a real reason to work with your brand. Influencer relationships based on the concept of give and take, so they need to see potential in your brand the same way you see opportunities in them.

Show them your blogs, or a guest post that was published on a reputable website. This will increase your brand credibility and the possibilities you can offer for influencers you engage with.

Final Words

Defining clear goals, connecting with the right type of influencers and treating them like a real brand is what you need for your branding and marketing campaign. Influencer marketing is a great way for brands to work with major thought leaders in the industry for mutual benefit.

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