Apple is probably going back to its roots with the new iPhone, which is a good thing.

The iPhone 4 was the most iconic iPhone design till date for an iPhone from the Steve Jobs era.

Another year, another iPhone. It’s going to be the 10th iteration of Apple’s iconic product which inspired and gave birth to an entirely new line of products.

A lot of people I know and a lot of Android enthusiasts strongly feel Apple hasn’t innovated much in the past few years in a radical way. For all we can debate that Apple has borrowed features from other companies and Samsung did that first, or HTC did that first or bla. The proof lies in the fact that Apple’s stock price is soaring and iPhone sales don’t slow down as much people write they do. Apple releases only one flagship phone (of course there’s the bigger sibling to it) in a year and they make it very sure the phone is solid and their MVP.

But, that said, Apple seems to be gearing up for something truly special to celeberate 10 years of the phone which redefined phones.

Yes, I would not mind getting an iPhone which looks like the iPhone 4 and has a bezeless display.

The image above is one of many of the abundant leaks and mock ups out there. The design above takes cues from the iPhone 4 years, two sheets of glass sandwiched together surrounded by an all aluminium body. The iPhone 4 design was adored for what it was and set a benchmark for smartphone design and probably gave birth to the use of premium materials to make phones.

Leaks suggest the new iPhone will look something similar to the one in the centre in comparison to its brother iPhone 7's.

Apple seems to be gunning up for a bezeless OLED display, Touch ID embedded in the display panel, wireless charging, AR and probably a brand new facial recognition feature (though I have my doubts about the last one).

All that said, every phone launched after the 4S had an all aluminium design (apart from the 5c) and I am sure Apple knows how much people loved the design from the iPhone 4 years. Honestly speaking, there’s nothing wrong with going back to doing something which you were once so good at it. I am sure as hell we aren’t getting a phone with a rear fingerprint sensor.

Benjamin Geskin has had a whole streak of iPhone leaks, from designs, drawings, cases etc.

It seems, we will have three new iPhone’s this year iPhone 7S, 7S Plus and the iPhone Edition (as some people are calling it), I don’t know if this is true or not, but this year I am super excited to see what Apple has been upto in the past year even if it means they took a page from their history books.

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