High School Design & What’s Important

Passion, passion, passion. It seems as a student, you’re constantly told you that what’s important is to pick out life decisions. One of the things I’ve noticed is that people tend to start picking things that they truly don’t know much about. Now, before I even start, what makes me any different? I am not, i’ve changed my “grown up job” about 15 times in the last 6 years, but that’s all part of growing up. But I do have some tips if you wanna become a designer and if your passion for it is driving you to learn new things.

I have three tips for students with this hobby. First, make sure that you constantly design. It doesn’t matter if you don’t know the tips and tricks on adobe illustrator or photoshop, all you need to know is how to draw a shape and you can take the hardway to your finished product. Yes, your art is gonna look a lot less professional than you would’ve liked it to be. That’s the second tip; don’t ever believe your idea is perfect. Your idea is amazing, i’m sure, but thinking that you can make it look the same as it did in your head is just insane. What’s more likely, is that you mess up here and there or maybe you like a different idea inside of the graphic too or maybe your initial idea wasn’t feasible on print. It’s gonna look different and accepting that or trying to be perfect is just what you needa learn that you like to do. The third tip is to make use of online resources. We live in a world where 10 bucks of online tutorials can make you more gifted in desigining than half the marketing grads in the real world. All you need is to pursue your passion and make sure that you keep having ideas.

High school does a different thing to people then previously mentioned also, for many its and experience that makes you doubt your own abilities. I think that’s why I like designing so much. Nobody at school really believes i’m smart or a role model, but when I design I don’t have the one shot that a test gives me. I have tons and tons. All a designer needs to do is sit down and focus long enough till they’re happy. There’s no right or wrong either. Sure, in the real world it matters what graphics you actually make. Does this t-shirt design sell as much as this one, does this social graphic convert as many followers, what does the text font cause readers to think? But, that’s why designing in high school is so great. If you’re like me, you find a sense of freedom in designing that you can’t really in school or life.

So what’s actually important about designing in high school? It can benefit you by improving creative stamina (a trait any field of work will force you to have), relieve you about the stress and confinements within school, and it can be as easy to start as going to a site such as treehouse.com, udemy.com, or edx.org. Don’t be shy to shoot me any questions you may have and feel free to follow me on my social media accounts too :).

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