Intro to CS

When I first stepped in this class, I had great expectations. As an aspiring software engineer, I felt that this course had a lot to offer in order for me to ensure my post-secondary path. Out of all my classes, this was the most exciting. I entered course only knowing the basics of HTML a rough amount of CSS. What I knew for sure was that I wanted to expand my knowledge and capabilities in computer science and this course offered that. Another selling feature of this course was a hand-full of my friends also selected this course hoping the same outcome as me, so I can share the journey of this course alongside them.

In computer science, I’m looking forward to touch base on new programming languages that will extend my knowledge and understanding of computer science. Some of these languages include Python and Java Script. With this knowledge, I plan to make my own portfolio website showcasing my photography.

This project will help practice was I know and help me step outside my comfort zone in programming. Now, let’s make the most out of this course.