Slowing down …

Motivation is fleeting. One should never rely on the idea of motivation to boost their mentality and increase productivity. It plays tricks on your mind, leading you to believe like everything’s gonna be alright and that you have all the power in the world to pursue your dreams.

But the reality is, that’s not true.

Our group felt very motivated at the start of the course. It was the beginning of grade 12, a very important year and we had a great idea to start with. Also, most importantly, we had a long 5 months to finish this project. But this positive feeling only lasted for almost one week. From there, it went downhill. Being the project leader, it was my responsibly to make sure that the tasks were being completed efficiently and that everyone was on top of things. But, I was failing at my job too; I felt unmotivated. This costed our group a lot of valuable time and progress, which also hurts our vision for the app. As we slack, the vision we previously had for the app disintegrates along side time.

To solve this problem, we needed to develop a strong sense of discipline

Discipline out-weights the concept of motivation in every aspect. Discipline isn’t gained just from watching a motivational speech. Discipline is developed and structured over time. You don’t just wake up one day and feel disciplined. The word “tyag” from Hindi means to give up and this word itself can change our lives if we embed this idea in our minds. You must break old habits in order to grow new and beneficial ones. The ones with discipline succeed in the long run, no matter what the situation is and this is what our group was missing.

At the start of the course, our group was just running on the fuel of motivation, but as we know, that runs out fairly quickly. Our group lacks discipline and this is where my part comes in. As a project leader, I need to assist my group in developing a strong discipline in order to further lead the acceleration of my group.