The Power of Wire Framing

I had finally chosen a colour for the background. Now, its time to move on to the most important part of web design: Wire Framing. Wire Framing is basically the core outline of your content on a webpage. Its used to plan and organize how your webpage will be set up. This includes, navigation bar, headers, footers, and much more. For my webpage, not a lot of wire framing was needed. There were only headers and buttons that needed placement in most pages, but creating and view announcements was crucial.

When I had to organize and plan the ‘Making Announcements’ page, there were a lot of things I had to keep in mind. I had to order the form boxes from most to least important, meaning the most important and relevant information to the least important in any announcement. At the top was the subject of announcements. This is the key piece of information that determines whether or not this announcement is of any relevance or interests the student.

The next piece of information is the date. This tells the student how urgent or near the date is, hence allowing the student to stay scheduled. The next three form boxes help narrow down the relevance of the announcement to the student. These are gender, grade, and category of the announcement. The final piece of information is the description of the announcement, giving the student a better understanding of what the purpose of the announcement is. The ‘Viewing Announcements’ page is organized the same way as creating the announcement.

With all this completed, the teacher making and the student viewing the announcement can be done efficiently.