About the company

Nestaway is a Managed home rental platform. Nestaway is not just a house listing marketplace website, we also take houses for lease and manages them. We offer some of the houses on a shared basis and some full house basis. During the time tenants stay in our platform they can also opt for some service requests. All tenants are a part of Nestaway community and participate in activities

What is House condition report?

House condition report consists of reporting all existing issues in a house like seepages, paint off, any broken things or any electrical issue etc.

So when we are onboarding a house into the system, the field agent goes and prepare a house condition report. Previously, this report is a checklist which contains a different type of issues, field agents ticks on existing issues in the house and then it is used later. So when a tenant is vacating the house, Nestaway/owner does a house condition check and charges money for all issues which are not in the list. When the house lease is ended, the owner reports issues if he finds any and asks to compensate or get it repaired.

Some stories which we listen to

Tenant who got charged for issue when vacating house says “I’m not responsible for this issue, company is looting money from me.”

Owner after taking back his house post lease expiry, “why is this thing spoiled, compensate for this. I shouldn’t have given it to you”

Field agent managers says ”No matter how much we push to report all issues in house, these disputes keep coming and we pay out always”

Design approach

I came up with the idea of video recording the house to capture all the issues. I wanted to do it a phase-wise where we launch with bare minimum features and then try to figure out issues on what's lacking and then design the feature.

A pilot was conducted where field agents are asked to just do house condition report by recording video from their phone camera itself. Myself with product manager also went for some house to observe how they are recording and we too tried to do house condition recording.

Here are the things we figured out

  1. The only thing which field agents have in mind is to get the task done.
  2. A lot of things are getting missed out, lets say the floor and roof condition is missed out. Things like tap/door lock condition are missed.
  3. Lighting condition is not taken care.
  4. Some damages are difficult to understand or recognize in the video due to the motion.

Final outputs are almost like useless when we want to take those as reference.

Designing V2

I took all the inputs from the pilot and designed feature solving for all issues. This house condition report happens in these different stages

  1. Leasing house from the owner
  2. New Tenant moving in
  3. Tenant vacating
  4. Giving house back to the owner on lease expiry

The video which is recorded is stored and shared to respective people at the respective stage.

Key features

We didn’t have results coming out yet as it is recently launched. But what we are expecting is

1. With just a design+tech efforts, the cash burn happening due to charges we are paying can be reduced to minimal with less customer disputes.

2. Disputes regarding charges which are main factor behind company NPS score, can be reduced

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