Setting up Team Foundation Server 2013:Client Side

After Setting up and Exploring Team Foundation Server 2013, it’s time to set up the client side with Visual Studio.

Connecting Visual Studio Team Explorer to TFS

In order to use TFS features, Visual Studio needs to know which TFS Server and Project Collection it’s working on.
To do that open Visual Studio then go to TEAM->Connect To Team Foundation Server… which opens the Team Explorer, then Select Team Projects
This will list all the collections you have access to on the TFS Server.
The list of servers is empty, so let’s add a new TFS Server by clicking
Servers->Add and providing the Web Access URL found in TFS Admin Console.

Connecting Team Explorer to TFS

Now all that is left to do is select the collection you will be working on, for example MediumCollection, and Configure your workspace to Map & Get the Collection directory on the server to a local directory of your choice.

Creating Team Project

The next step is to create a Team Project (or many if you want to) in the collection you have selected.
Like usual, start by opening Team Explorer and then Home->Projects And My Teams->New Team Project…
(Seriously Microsoft, why the ‘…’ everywhere!)
This will pop up a window asking you to provide the Team Project’s name and description followed by the project’s process template.

TFS lets you add your own custom process templates and supports three by default:

Microsoft Visual Studio Scrum
MSF for Agile Software Development
MSF for CMMI Process Improvement
Creating Team Project

You can choose the one you see more appropriate for your project but I recommend Microsoft Visual Studio Scrum**.

Then you will be asked to choose the project’s Version Control.
recommend Team Foundation Version Control.

That’s it, now that you have connected Visual Studio Team Explorer to your TFS and created a Team project, it’s time to start using it for your next big project and enjoy the productivity boost!

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